Mark David Chapman

Chris Joiner

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He was born in Fort worth Texas on May 10, 1955. He is still in prison for killing the ex-beatle John Lennon. His spouses name is Gloria Abe. He has 2 children, His son David Curtis Chapman and his daughter Diane Elizabeth Chapman. He had a troubled childhood before becoming a born again christian.


The reason Mark David Chapman is famous is because he murdered John Lennon outside of his Manhattan apartment on Dec 8, 1980. He was arrested and given a 20 years to life sentence. He has been denied parole 7 times.

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The arresting officer Stephen Spiro has received and replied to several letters from Mark mostly telloing Spiro to read the catcher in the rye. Spiro thinks that the book will help him find a motive for the killing, but the interesting thing is the letters are up for grabs for 75,000 dollars