Sept/Oct 2018


The High School Counseling Department would like to extend an official "WELCOME" to the Class of 2022!

You are about to embark upon an exciting and fruitful journey - the journey through high school.

Many opportunities are available to you, many potential challenges await you, and many, many choices and decisions will determine your success in high school and beyond!

The Counseling Office is located in Suite F-306. You will meet with your counselor repeatedly over the next four years. We look forward to seeing you in the Counseling Office very soon!

The High School Counselors


They spend time with their families, recharge for the next school year, write recommendation letters and often visit colleges!

This summer, Mrs. Becker traveled to Boston to visit Harvard University and Mrs. Leja explored Penn State University. Earlier this year, Mrs. Leja also attended a Counselor Day event at West Virginia University.

Counselor visits allow counselors to gain valuable information to pass on to our other counselors and most importantly to you! These visits provide information about changes in admissions, new courses of studies available and help make important contact connections in the Admissions offices.

Many technical schools, colleges and universities will visit Mt. Lebanon High School this coming fall. These visits are a way you can connect with admissions counselors to ask specific questions, and to find the perfect fit!


Counselors will meet with all Seniors during the first few weeks of school to discuss the college application process. This meeting includes how to use the Common Application to submit application to member colleges, how to use Naviance Student to request transcripts and letters of recommendation, how to send test scores from College Board and ACT, and other important details.

Many resources including video tutorials are available on the School Counseling website under Naviance. Still need help? Stop by and see your counselor!


Between now and November representatives from over 100 colleges and universities will visit our school. All 11th and 12th grade students have an opportunity to talk in small groups with the visiting representatives. Since these conferences are time-consuming, students should be selective in choosing which visits to attend. Military representatives also visit frequently and are available through individual requests.

Parents and students can view the list of visiting colleges in Naviance under the Colleges tab. When students add colleges of interest and/or colleges they are applying to, Naviance will automatically send an email if this college has scheduled a visit. It is very important that students check their student email and login to Naviance on a regular basis during the school year to keep abreast of upcoming events and deadlines. College visit information will also be available on the morning announcements, the TV screens in Center Court during lunch periods, & posted on dashboard under Student Announcements.

As a reminder, these are the student responsibilities for college meetings:

  • Students must sign in on iPad when attending a college meeting. This verifies attendance.
  • Students must secure the approval of the teacher whose class will be missed, prior to the meeting.
  • Prior to the meeting, students should read about the particular college in Naviance to gather facts and information about the school and SIGN UP in Naviance if they plan to attend.
  • Students should have some questions in mind to ask the representative.
  • It is the student's responsibility to make up class work missed as a result of attendance at college meetings.

College meetings are to be taken seriously and are an excellent opportunity to determine if the college may be a good fit for you.

To sign up for a visit, login into Naviance Student, go to Colleges Home/College Visits. Open the visits and click on Register Now next to the college visit you want to attend.


Mt. Lebanon, Bethel Park, Peters Twp, South Fayette &

USC College Fair @ Bethel Park High School

October 9, 2018 from 6:30pm - 8:30pm


North Pittsburgh College Fair

Monday, Oct. 8, 2018 from 6-8 pm

Kerr Fitness & Sports Center @ La Roche College

More information: northpittsburghcollegefair@laroche.edu



September 10, 17 & 24th 6:00-9:00 p.m.

INSTRUCTORS: Mr. Antis, Mr. DeHaas, Mr. Herzog and Mr. Sliacky

Resident: $375.00 (Complete Program and License Test)

Non Resident: $390.00 (Complete Program and License Test)

Car Instruction Only and License Test-$300.00


PLEASE VISIT THE ADULT EDUCATION WEBSITE HERE for the most up-to-date information.

The Mt. Lebanon School District online driver education program is Pennsylvania Department of Education approved. This program meets the traditional 30 hours of theory and 6 hours of car instruction that most insurance companies are looking for. The full program consists of 3 in-person classes (an introductory class, a guest presentation, and the final exam); 7-online modules that can be done from any computer at any time before the final exam, 3-hours of individualized simulation; and individualized car instruction. This fee also includes the Pennsylvania state approved driver licensing test.

Students who successfully complete the Mt. Lebanon theory/simulation are eligible for road instruction and license testing with Mt. Lebanon program certified instructors.

Students who have successfully completed other Pennsylvania Department of Education approved programs are eligible to take car instruction and license testing through the Mt. Lebanon program (as part of the Car Instruction Only Program). Students must show proof of successful completion of a PDE approved theory course from another institution for the car only portion. The charge for the six hours of road instruction which includes one half hour for license testing is listed above.


THE PSAT will be given on Wednesday October 10, 2018 . All 10th and 11th graders will take the test during the school day. There are NO student fees or need to pre-register however all students should create an account on College Board. Students should be extra mindful when entering their date of birth and email address. This is very important in order for test results to be matched with your student College Board account. Click here to create an account, if you have not already done so. Watch for more information from the Principal's office in the near future.


Mt. Lebanon is a testing site for the SAT Test Dates (except Aug, Nov and May dates).

Please be sure to use the School Code listed below when registering for SAT tests.

Mt. Lebanon High School code is 393730 for both the SAT & ACT tests.



For parking and other test-day information, please visit the High School website.

Contact Mr. Rolf Briegel (SAT Center Supervisor) via email with questions or concerns.

For information on College Testing Accommodations process, please see instructions on the School Counseling/ Forms page here.


August 25 (Not at Mt. Lebanon)

October 6

November 3 (Not at Mt. Lebanon)

December 1

March 9 (Subject Tests not offered on this date)

May 4 (Not at Mt. Lebanon)

June 1


Mt. Lebanon is not a testing site for the ACT test. However, Mt. Lebanon students wishing to take this test are encouraged to go to authorized test sites nearby.

It is recommended for students to take this test in addition to the SAT. Please see your school counselor for information about the test.


September 8

October 27

December 8

February 9

April 13

June 8

July 13


Visit the College Board to create a College Board account and get access to your PSAT score report.

Create a Khan Academy account and link it to your College Board account to get FREE, personalized practice for the SAT.


Help is available for all students - just ask!

We have a Math Lab in Room B616. It provides tutorial, remedial and enrichment services. Email Mrs. Linda Trumbull or stop by her room to make an appointment.

Math Lab Hours

We also have a Writing Lab available for help with college &/or class essays as well as help for other writing assignments. The Writing Lab offers help before, during and after school hours. Email Mrs. Shine or stop by Room B521 to schedule your appointment.

Writing Lab Hours


Mt. Lebanon Finanical Aid Evening

October 17, 2018 @ 7:00 P.M.

Fine Arts Theatre

Presenter: Mr. Kevin Totty

Sr. Associate Director for Financial Aid from Washington & Jefferson College

For Seniors, college may be right around the corner. It's not too early to get yourself acquainted with some of the things you'll need to sail through the process a little more smoothly.

Get ready to complete your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid), which is needed for federal and most state grants, scholarships, low-cost student loans, work-study programs & other state programs.

Master the five simple steps toward financial aid! Learn more about what you need to do for access to money for higher education here.


  1. Take time to read the Counseling Bulletin when it is published bi-monthly! It's packed with upcoming events like Financial Aid Night, college deadlines, tutoring & testing information, services and scholarship information!
  2. Sign up for HS Counseling Alerts! You'll be reminded of events and deadlines as they come up. Click on the Alerts icon on the right side of the High School Counseling webpage. Simply fill out your information to have an alert sent to you when news items are posted.
  3. Subscribe to alerts from around the District here. If you don't already have one, create an account today! Select District or School specific news. Choose the items that matter most to you and you'll receive the news you need on a timely basis to your email or phone.

We suggest selecting the District News, HS News & HS Counseling. If you have students at other schools you can select their school's news, too!.


As scholarships are made known to us through the year, we will list them in Naviance along with their applications and any pertinent information we receive. More complete information and instructions will be sent out toward the end of November. Most scholarships do not arrive until mid Fall/early December but a few have already been published.

To access this information, login to your Naviance account and select the College Tab on the top right. Go to Scholarships and Money then Scholarship List. Here you can filter by Local Scholarships, Other and Pittsburgh Foundation to narrow your search. Click the check box on the right if you only want to see new ones since your last login. Click the checkbox to the left if you want to add the scholarship to your list of scholarships you are applying to. Click on the scholarship name to view the requirements and download available applications/directions. If the download file type is not recognized, select WORD to open the document.

To request a transcript for a scholarship follow the above directions, then go to the College Home and click on Scholarships I am applying for link. Select Initial Transcript and then the scholarship name that you are requesting a transcript for. The name of the scholarship is the recipient (not your name)!

BTW - Complete information on Local scholarships (scholarships available to Mt. Lebanon Students only) will be sent out in late fall. Please be patient! Thank you.


Outreach Teen & Family Services offers Education, Prevention and Intervention programs. Their mission is to promote and provide empathetic, personal, accessible and affordable mental health counseling and wellness programs for children and their families.

The Choices program meets the 2nd Saturday of each month. This program is for any young person in need of education on how to deal with the pressures of alcohol/other drug uses so they can make better decisions and is available as an opportunity to help families find answers. Outreach aims to reduce substance abuse among adolescents by supporting families and educating teens.

An ADD Screening Tool flyer will be available on the Outreach website in the coming days.

Click here or call 412.561.5405 to find out more about what Outreach Teen & Family Services has to offer.


Are you looking for an after school job?

Local businesses and residents frequently send us information on job opportunities for students which are posted for your consideration.

Check out the Job Board located in the hallway across from the Nurse's office