Hishan's awesome fabulous summer

Greatest summer ever

My experience on the Leviathan

This summer I had went to Canada's Wonderland the greatest amusement park in Ontario.

I was so excited when I found out that we are going to Canada's Wonderland. I couldn't wait to go on the leviathan for the first time. At first I was afraid to go on it but my cousin convinced me to go on it. We had to wait for a hour to go on the leviathan. When we got to the top of the line we had to wait for 10 mins because they had to clean the blood because someone got hurt. I was more scared than aver. When we got on the leviathan I started to regret going on it. I decided to close my eyes for the whole ride. The ride was finish I was so happy that I came out alive. I wanted to go on it again. That was my experience on the leviathan.

At the beach

It was a good day to go to the beach. Me and my family had went to the simcoe beach and the water was really cold. I didn't want to go in the water but later the water was getting warmer. We played Frisbee and my family wasn't good at it. After we came out of the water we played soccer. I was taking shots on my brother. It was a really fun day. I wish it could last forever. This time I didn't get lost at the beach.

cedar park

Wednesday, Sep. 2nd, 2:30pm

6296 Cedar Park Road

Bowmanville, ON

This summer we went to Cedar park resort. It wasn't that fun. We jumped off the diving board couple of times. I also did a front flip but it was perfect. We also went on the water slides which was kind of fun. There was also a miniature golf and I was okay at it. I beat my younger brother at it. I even got a hole in one in one of the hole. It was awesome. That was my day at cedar park

My soccer season

This soccer season my team was actually good not like other years. We always had games on Thursday. we Won most of our games and we only lost four games and tied one game. Soccer is what I did half of my summer. it was really fun. I even played against my cousin and my friends.