fix a paper jam on an HP printer?

How do you fix a paper jam on an HP printer?

How do you fix a paper jam on an HP printer?

Printers are a kind of electronic devices which transfers information like text and graphic to the paper. While working with any kind of printers you can come across with paper jam where a paper is stuck inside the printer and you get a paper jam error in it. Here you will see how to fix the paper jam situation with HP printers. Most of the HP printers basically are same in design but you may have to adjust a little bit depending upon the model of the HP printer.


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Paper jam is of two types. First one is the real paper jam and the second one is no paper jam but your printer always gives an error that a paper is stuck inside. The troubleshooting for both the paper jam is same. Follow the steps below.

1. Turn off your HP printer and disconnect the power cord right away.

2. Try to locate the rear access of the printer. Remove the rear door.

3. Make sure that the rollers can move freely. If the rollers doesn’t move freely then might be there is some hardware issue.

4. If the rollers can move freely then remove the paper slowly and carefully.

5. It is recommended that you try to remove the paper from the rear access only if it is not possible to remove the paper from the rear door and then very carefully remove the paper from the front door.

6. Remove all the papers from the tray and discard the papers which are damaged.

7. Fill the supply tray again with fine papers. Do not overfill the supply tray. Always add less paper in the supply tray as per its capacity.

8. Re-install the rear door and reconnect the power cord. Turn on the printer and see if the problem is still there or not. If yes then follow the steps below.

a. Disconnect the power cord and remove all the papers from the supply tray.

b. Open the rear door, and clean the rollers carefully with a soft cotton or cloth slowly. Remove any piece of paper even if it is very small which are stuck even a very small in size. Close the door and make sure that it is closed successfully.

c. Refill the paper tray and copy or print again after re-installing the printer.

If the problem still persists, contact our 24*7 HP Printer Experts helpline .