Viola In Disguise

Viola's Identity

Viola believes to be trapped with her identity because she has to dress like a man and goes by the name Cesario." I am very comptible, even to the least sinister usage ( I.IV. 158-159) ". She is supposed to be acting like a man but she admits that's she's a sensitive person even to the slightest rude thing hurts her feelings. She also had her feelings trapped she was in love with Duke Orsino but she could never let her feelings out or she would blow her cover as Cesario.
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Viola's Gender

Viola's gender plays a big part throughout the play . She has to pretend to be the opposite gender (male) because back in this time period the women were not able to work and she wanted to provide for herself so she disguised herself as a man. "Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise as haply shall become the form of my intent. I'll serve this duke (I.ii.49-51) ". So basically the Captain , who was the first person she saw after she got shipwrecked , helped put her in disguise so that she could work for Duke Orsino.
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Perception Of Viola

Peoples perceptions of Viola are kind of mixed up in the play. Duke thinks Cesario seems feminine and acts like a lady . On the other hand , Olivia perceives Viola as a sensitive gentlemen. Olivia says "Thy tongue, thy face, thy limbs action, spirit , Do give thee fivefold blazon (I.iv.67-68)". So there is a couple ways she is being perceived in the play. She sees herself as

Similaritites between Viola and I

Viola and I definitely are both sensitive people. My feelings get hurt very easily like hers do. I am also

differences between Viola and I

She's The Man

Viola's Identity

Viola's believes to be dressed like her brother Sebastian in order to meet her goal of playing soccer in Illyria. In the movie , Viola gets her friend to disguise her as her brother Sebastian while her brother goes to London to be with his band. In the meantime she can play Soccer against her old high school and beat them and just to continue playing the sport she is passionate about ( She's The Man). So basically Viola finds herself to be trapped and its difficult for her to acts like a man.

Viola's Gender

Viola's gender is what made her disguise herself in the first place . In the movie, at her high school they cut the girls soccer team and the coach wouldn't let her join the boys soccer team because she was a girl . So she disguised herself as her brother so she could play soccer in Illyria ( She's The Man ). If her high school wasn't against gender she wouldn't have had to go through all of that stuff but at the same time it impacted her and she never would have met Duke and all of the other people in Illyria.

Perception of Viola

Viola is perceived as

Similaritites Between Viola And I

Differences Between Viola And I