The Amazing Gonorrhea

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The Good Things About Having Gonorrhea!

- Gonorrhea hurts !

- Can Lead To Death If Never Treated !!!!

- Also Can Cause Very Painful Bowel Movments!!

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- Every time you pee it burns!!!!(:

- When you discharge it's a green color, that awesome

- If your a man your testicles become swollen or enlarged

- For a women you have vaginal bleeding between periods, that's always fun!

- Also women may feel pelvic pain or pain during intercourse...

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Frequently Asked Questions!!!

- Is it a Sexuality transmitted disease?- (Of Course)

- Do lots of people have Gonorrhea?!- (Yes over 700,000 people are infected with Gonorrhea

each year!)

- How do you get Gonorrhea!?- (You can get Gonorrhea from contact with the Penis, Vagina, and Anus!)

- Can a Baby Be Infected With Gonorrhea?!- (Yes because during birth the Disease can be passed on when the baby is being born)

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