Peer Ministry Meeting Agender

We are the Church of the Future. We Are the Church of Today.

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Room # "CampusMinistry"

Opening Prayer

Prayer for the Future

Loving God,
each day as I step further into my future,
give me the courage, knowledge and
patience that I need.

Remind me that you always journey with me
and that you will never lead me into anything
that you won't lead me through.

Thank you for the gift of my life.
May the way I live be my gift back to you -
with your love and guidance

In Jesus' name


Peer Ministry Business

  • Contracts still needed for the following people: Suzie, Matt, Darby, Andres, Chiara, Jonathon, Maria, Eric and Manuela.
  • Daily Mass Master Schedule - Is complete, those of you who did not fill it out have been added in random order .AP Exams Week has been removed. If you need to trade a day or have it covered, you must have Mr. Alvarado or Mrs. Pascua's approval.
  • Letters to Gio needed from: Chiara, Cody, Jonathon, and Antonella. Any one else?
  • Wear your Crosses - Especially after we show the "Good Idea, Bad Idea" Video.

Mass Review

  • How did the Mentor Teachers do with the Mass Pack?
  • How did setup go?
  • How was Mass?
  • How did clean up go?
  • Any other questions, comments, or concerns?

Batman says . . .

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Team Updates

Team #1 - Support - Brianna, Matt, Therese and Morgan

Team #2 - Bishop's Mass - Randy, Manuela, Suzie and Eric

Team #3 - Promotion - David, Chiara, Fiona, Maria and Sammie

Team #4 - Junior Retreat - Antonella, Darby, Jonathan and Ashley

Team #5 - Freshman Retreat - Cody, George, Sabrina, Kathy and Brittany

Team #6 - First Mass - Allyssa, Andres, Emily, Dana and Marcela

We Need Team Names!

As a team, come up with a team name, and introduce it next meeting.

Switching it Up

Team #6 goes from First Mass to Support Team and Team #1 is now the Sophomore Retreat Team.

Upcoming Projects for September

  • School wide Liturgy with Bishop Barnes September 13th
  • Freshman Retreat September 19th

Upcoming Projects for October

  • Junior Retreat - October 23rd
  • White Mass - October 27th

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Closing Prayer