Much Ado About Nothing

Logan George

Love Finds Everyone and Consumes Them

One of the themes in Much Ado About Nothing involves love, and the fact that it will find nearly everyone and can consume them. All of Me by John Legend is a song all about love that relates greatly to the play. In the play we see couples fall in love such as Claudio and Hero or Benedick and Beatrice. Once these couples fall in love, the only thing they want is each other, hence the line in the song, "all of me wants all of you". The love these couples find also tends to make them do thing they would normally never do, such as Benedick challenging Claudio to a duel just because Beatrice asked him to. "You're crazy and I'm out of my mind" is a great lyric to sum up why Benedick listened to Beatrice, her request was crazy, but he was so crazy for her he did it anyways. The intense love in the play causes some issues but is ultimately helpful because it causes Hero to forgive Claudio for accusing her, leading to a happy ending in the play.