Physical Therapy

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About Physcial Therapy

Do you want to help people heal their injured bones and ligaments? If you do, then become a physical therapist. Physical therapy is a great way to interact and help people who have injuries get back into a healthy condition. It can be a fascinating sight to watch people change over time because of what you are doing to help them.

As the baby boomers grow older, the need for physical therapists increases. Baby boomers are people who are born during the baby boom which occurred from 1946-1964. Also, more physical therapists are needed to treat mobility problems coming from conditions like diabetes or obesity. The need for physical therapists is increasing greatly as time passes.

Work Environment

Physical therapists have a fun and active work environment because they are always doing something. They are with their patients and are constantly standing and moving around, not just sitting down at a desk. Physical therapists usually work in private offices and clinics, nursing homes, and hospitals. Also, most physical therapists work full time and only a few work part time.

Needs To Be A Physical Therapist

All physical therapists require to have a Doctor of Physical Therapy degree by passing the accredited physical therapist education program, which will take about three years to complete. You will also need a bachelors degree and usually a freshman entry. It is very important that you take a Doctor of Physical Therapy program and take the licensure exam to get your license.

Some important qualities to have as a physical therapist are stamina, dexterity, and to be compassionate. They will need stamina because they are constantly moving and standing. They need dexterity because they use their hands for manual therapy and for exercises. They should have compassion because physical therapists should have empathy and should care for their patients.


  • They make around $80,000-$90,000 a year.
  • They get to help people rehabilitate their injured bones.
  • They get to put smiles on their patients.
  • They have a very active and fun work environment.
  • They have a very good job outlook.

Similar Jobs

Physical therapy isn’t the only job where you help people. There are all kinds of jobs where you get to help people. For example, there are audiologists, occupational therapists, recreational therapists, chiropractors, or even a physical therapist’s assistant.
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