What makes you, you!

What is the study of Genetics??

*the branch of biology that studies heredity *heredity is the passing of characteristics from parent to offspring

Who discovered genetics and how did he do this?

  • *Gregor Mendel discovered genetics
  • *he studied pea plants for genetic traits and he was the first to succeed in predicting how traits would be transferred from one generation to the next

Punnett Squares

**Phenotype:  *black:75%   *white: 25%      **Genotype: *AA: 25%  *Aa: 50%  *aa: 25%

Incomplete Dominance

*phenotype of heterozygous idividuals is intermediate **ex: one red and one white flower come together and make one pink flower


*phenotypes of both alleles are expressed equally **ex: one red flower and one white flower come together to make one red and white flower

Multiple Alleles

*an inheritance pattern in which traits are controlled by more than two alleles

Sex-Linked Traits

*characteristics determined by genes on sex chromosomes  **x chromosome traits are more

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