Weekly Geekly

Week of September 22

Amazing Technology Invented By MIT - Tangible Media

What's Important This Week

This week and next week I am on a normal schedule!

Friday, October 3 is the end of the first six weeks marking period.

VMS- Teams remember Monday to bring a couple of lessons to teaming so that we can start working on integrated projects!

Tip of the Week- eSchool

Did you know that if you double-click in a grade cell, the entire list of possible grade book codes (and an explanation of each) will pop up so you can choose!

Tool of the Week- Random Name Picker

The Class Tools Random Name Picker is a fun way to choose a random student or group to call on in class! You type in the names, and you can save it for later. Just make note of the URL where your custom spinner resides, and remember the password you set for it. These can even be embedded (yes, in Moodle!) so math teachers might be interested in this for probability as well!

If you want, you can remove a person after they have been selected so that you do not wind up landing on them again.