Hidden Girl

A Novel By Shyima Hall

Internal character

In the Non- Fiction book Hidden Girl: by Shymia Hall " Plus, I could see the grim line of my mother's mouth and the sadness in her eyes." (Hall 3) This shows the mother having to watching her husband flirt with other women therefore the mother is sad.

Historical Connection

" All right. It's a deal," the woman said in Arabic (Hall 20)

When people would sell or trade their child in for slavery or when the family had depth.

Children working in a factory

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2 Vocabulary words

Fathom: to understand what happening or what did happen

Mosque: A Muslim place to worship


The flight from New York to Los Angeles wasn't as long as the flight from Egypt to New York, but seemed as if it were.
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Conflict #1

"I still didn't speak any English" this is internal conflict because she was thinking about the problem she would have trying to speak to people speaking English.
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Conflict #2

"You can't pay back what your girl stole