video games create violence

And if so how ?

Can it relive aggression or amplify it

Scientist have done a studied of video games and to see what it can do to you, as most people think that video game violence can hurt you're kids and some can't will be proven in this atticle (WARNING IF YOU HATE TO BE PROVEN WRONG DO NOT READ THE FOLLOWING PASSAGE)

What violent games can create

Video games have been a part of oure live when we grew up and to most people they don't even see a sing of danger, but in the fact that your son or daughter turning more aggressive right in front of you make you wonder if it's the eviorment that they are growing up on or the way that you are raising them but in you know what the answere was and tried to deny it and by doing so you have made the way that you're children think and act even worse that society could have ever done by itself