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6 Word Memoir

Cats are great friends in life.

10 Rules for Utopian Society

Rule 1. Everyone must have a steady job, and if they do not they will be providied with one.

Rule 2. Everyone will have the option to marry anyone that they want.

Rule 3. Everyone will have access to free education through the college level.

Rule 4. Everyone will be able to have whatever type of food and whatever quantity they want.

Rule 5. All children have the option to go to school whenever feels neccesary.

Rule 6. Everyone will have access to the latest technology at the time.

Rule 7. Anyhting requested by anyone will be given to them as quickly as possible.

Rule 8. No one will work more than 40 hours a week.

Rule 9. All electronic devices will be water and fire proof.

Rule 10. Everyone will have the opportunity to participate in any sports, at any level.

Ideals of Freedom

In the country that I live in which is the United States of America, I have many freedoms. Once I am 18 I have the ability to vote for president and other political elections. I also have the ability to go to school every day for free up through high school. The one I enjoy the most is freedom of speech. I like it not neccesarily because of newspaper and news stations on T.V. , but the fact that you can talk about whatever you want, whenever you want. This includes sports politics fashion and anything. I enjoy the fact that my self expression is not suppressed and that I am able to do whatever I want that is legal. Another major key for me is that I am able to run for president when I am older. Even though the odds that i will run are very low, I like the fact that anyone can try. I also enjoy the fact that you can vote for yourself for president. Even though it will mean nothing and affect no one, it can still make someones day if they vote for ones self. I think we all know what happens in a country without balanced freedom for everyone. It is very likely that someone or a whole group of people overthrow the government. This is because it is people's human right to have freedom and independence. In many places where there are no freedoms, the whole world fights against that one country. That is because we feel that it is everyone's right to a free life. The main reason for governments to be overthrown is a lack of freedom for its people. We should fight to keep everyone's freedoms. This will help humanity and all of the humans on this world become better people.

Casting Actors and Actresses Part 1

Big Brother- Will Ferrell. I think Will Farrell makes a great Big Brother actor because it would be interesting to always see his face everywhere. I think it would be a great part for him to not be in the movie, but to be a part of it none the less.
Winston Smith- George Clooney. I think George Clooney is a great actor to be Winston because of his older age. However, he could still play the role of someone that is not very good looking.
O'Brien- Steve Carell. Steve Carell is a great actor, and the moments when Winston and O'Brien look into each others eyes it would be very interesting if thery both did this. i think this could be very comedic, but it could also be very serious.
Julia- Emma Watson. Emma Watson would be a very good person because she is young much like Julia. Also since George Clooney is older the plot line would make lots of sense much like in 1984. Even though it would be a little weird with Winston and Julia, I think it would still work.
Syme- Creed Bratton. I think the guy Creed form The Office makes a great actor for Syme. Syme doesn't seem like a very normal person, and Creed isn't either. I think he would play this role great.

My New Ending for Chapter 3/ 136

"Some kinds of failures are better than others," Winston said.

He saw Julia react to this information in a way contradictory of what he had expected. he expected for her to feel against what he felt, and that they would disagree tremendously over this very tiny little thing. She thought that she was defeated and that the whole community was. She felt like the whole world was against her like how the whole world felt against Winston. She thought that all life was over except for a sliver of hope that she could run away from what was keeping her trapped and glued to the Party. She thought that to run away that you needed to be a genius, because she had never known if it had been done before. She thought, much like Winston that happiness could come now, but it would take a major revolt from not only them, but also the proles.

At this moment in time Winston and Julia felt the same thoughts and were feeling the same feel. They knew where the power lie and why they needed it, but they did not know how to get it.

Winston then remarked, "If there is no power in the proles, then is there any power in life?"

Julia was dumbfounded by his mark. She was shocked about how he did not enjoy life as much as Winston. She knew she could not change Winston's mind, but she knew that she needed to kept her own hopes and spirits up. Although at this point in time she was angry, she felt inside that she still loved Winston.

Although she was angry she started to sketch out a complex map of where they were going to go for their next meet up. Winston paid close attention to the minute details and knew the journey would only get tougher from here.

Comic Strip Activity (2 parts)

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