First Grade APPterschool!

At 3:08pm on Thursday, November 21st in Mrs. Hray's room!

First Grade APPterschool

A family-friendly event to connect school and home!

Who: First grade students and their families!

What: Join the first grade teachers for an afternoon to learn about and explore educational apps!

When: Thursday November 21st immediately after school

Where: Mrs. Hray's classroom (Room 13)

Keep reading to find the answers to some frequently asked questions!

What We Plan to Do

Mrs. Hray will "show and tell" some first grade appropriate apps on educational subjects including phonics, spelling/sight words, interactive books, storytelling, writing, and math. Then, we'll explore and share apps with other families in small groups.

Family Fun!

We intend for this event to be family friendly, so please bring your first grader. If you have other children at Heathwood, we encourage you to bring them as well! Basically, we encourage you to bring the WHOLE family! It's sure to be an APPortunity everyone will enjoy!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

If you have an iPad or iPad mini at home, please bring it charged and ready! (We'd encourage you not to send the device to school with your child to prevent it from becoming damaged or causing a distraction to the regular school day.)

If you do not have a device, no problem! We will have a small set of iPads on hand for families to use together!

Will You Have a Handout?


There will not be enough time to go over everything, so a handout will be provided so that you may explore other app ideas at your convenience. If you are not able to attend the event, please let Mrs. Hray know, and she will get you a copy on Friday, November 22nd!

First Grade APPterschool

Even Mrs. Hray's dog loves to play on the iPad!