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We need a time to give the Missouri Student Survey (drug, alcohol, tobacco, etc.) in March. Can we get this on Canvas?

Monday: 9:30 MOCSA: Safety in Relationships (Yes, I know these have been close together. Hopefully we can get on their schedule earlier in the future and have them spread throughout the semester better!)

P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00: Peggy and Co. providing dinner at 3:00

Tuesday: Summer and Melissa: Teacher of Year Luncheon 11-1

P/T Conferences 3:00-7:00

Wednesday: DLT @ 9:30 MN

Administer the MO Student Survey

Thursday: Early Release/PD

Friday: No school! Have a safe and fun spring break!


NEE: PDP Mid-Year, Non-Tenured Surveys

3/23: Signs of Suicide

3/24: ACT Testing Day at LN/LHS (opt in juniors and seniors); Pre-ACT for 9-10 at LA

3/24: DMS visits in PM

3/25: MOCSA: Sexual Assault/Consent 9:30

3/25: 11-12 HMS Visits

3/30: Assembly for half our kids at LN (be there at 1:30; leave LN at 2:30)

3/31: Assembly for the other half at LHS

SEL Lesson for NEXT Week (March 23-27)

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Lesson 23: What do you want?

Handouts: SMART Goals

Circle: When do you feel best about yourself? Or "If someone asked your best friend what was special about you, what would your friend say?"

Skill Introduction: This is a great week to focus on helping them know how to set quality goals on the windows in the AM!! Take time to work on this and connect it to personal, career, life goals, etc.

A goal is something you want to do, achieve, have, or be.

Discuss short and long term goals.

Formula for goals: SMART (handout)

Talk about goals they have written on the windows and have them take them a step further to turn them into SMART goals.

The ESP form can be used for more than problem-solving. It can also be used to focus on a positive goal (as opposed to solving a difficulty) to help them accomplish something they really want.

Journal: What is the difference between a goal and an action taken to achieve that goal?

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