Life of Nobles

By Ben T , Will and Jayden

In the Morning

Nobleman wake up in a bed covered in fine linen. The nobleman's servent helps him shave and shower. The noble get's dressed into a kilt made out of fine linen and sandles made of leather.The nobleman and his wife have a small meal of bread and fruit. They sit on a cushion

After breakfast

Then, the nobleman left the house for an appointment with the overseer of his lands. After the nobleman returns home he has meat, bread and beer for lunch. In the early afternoon the nobleman's wife went out into the garden to escape the heat of the day.


The Nobleman and his wife got ready for the banquet. Then he and his wife began greeting their guests as they arrived.Their guests were offered cones of perfume wax and lotus flowers by servant girls. They ate the finest meats, breads, cakes, wine, figs and dates. They were entertained by musicians and dancing girls.

After Banquet

At the end of the banquet, they said goodnight to their guests and went to bed