Do I Look Okay?

Body Dysmorphic Disorder Symptons and How to Get Help.

Did You Know?

1% of Americans suffer from BDD, or Body Dysmorphic Disorder. That’s 3,251,276 people. And it almost always starts in adolescence.

Symptoms of BDD

  • Smooth skin (Due to constant picking)
  • Low self esteem or high self consciousness
  • Obsession over appearance
  • Avoidance of social situations
  • Avoidance of mirrors

You're Not Alone!

Robert Pattinson, best known for his role of Edward Cullen in the adaption of the hit teen romance novel Twilight, is one of the many who are affected by Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Despite fame and wealth, Pattinson struggles with anxiety and BDD. When asked about it, he said “I get a ton of anxiety, right up until the second I get out of the car to the event, when suddenly it completely dissipates,” said Pattinson. “But up until that moment I’m a nut case. Body dysmorphia, overall tremendous anxiety.”

How To Get Help

If you think you or a loved one may be suffering from BDD, try contacting Dr. Karen Landsman, a clinical psychologist who specializes in anxiety disorders.