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Absecon Schools Media Center Newsletter February 2016

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  • The Marsh Currents Volume 24 Issue 1 January 2016
  • Author Visit Update
  • 20th Anniversary of Out Book Talk Program
  • Attales Library Time and Student Library Assistants
  • STEAM in the Media Center
  • Help Us Build Our Makerspace
  • Reading and Homework Resources

Author/Illustrator Visit with Jarrett J. Krosoczka - New Date

Tuesday, March 22nd, 8:45am-2:30pm

Media Center

Let's try this again for the third time! Our visits with Jarrett have been postponed twice due to inclement weather here and where he lives. We are thinking spring for his visit on March 22nd. The students have made wonderful projects to celebrate his books. We cannot wait for him to see what they have created. If you ordered one of Jarrett's books for your child, they are safe here in the Media Center waiting to be autographed.

Happy 20th Anniversary Book Talk!!

Caldecott Gold Medal Winner, Coretta Scott King Gold Medal Winner, Icons of the Civil Rights Movement, Holocaust Survivors...these are just a few of the amazing people who have visited our schools over the past 20 years. Thanks to a burst of inspiration from a group of our teachers who had an idea and the generosity of the Absecon Education Foundation, the Absecon PTO, and the Absecon BOE, our students have met people who have influenced children through literature in the most positive ways. It is a credit to all three of these organizations for keeping this program alive in our district.

For our 20th Anniversary celebration we have our visitors from the past 20 years displayed on the walls of the Media Center. It is quite an impressive sight. We have had the famous and not so famous, the funny and the heart tugging, and even our own teachers. All had their own stories and experiences to share with our children. And, each child walked away with their own personal experience.

I have worked with these visitors for the past 13 years and I can truly say they have influenced my life. When I meet up with any of them at a conference it is like greeting a long lost friend.

Each visit has its amazing memories, but I would like to share the one that had the most powerful impact. Thanks to the hard work of Mrs. Evelyn Herron, we were honored to have the amazing Ruby Bridges visit with us for two days in 2005. She met with all of the students from the Attales School. Her first day here coincided with a visit from the American Boy Choir to the Marsh School. When the boys heard she was here they asked if they could sing for her. We brought Ruby down to the Media Center. They boys were in awe. And then they sang. (It is still giving me chills to type this as I think of it) The song they chose was Bridge Over Troubled Water by Simon and Garfunkel. Ruby sat in the middle of the room with the boys in a semi-circle in front of her, and then they began to sing, Their beautiful voices reverberated off the walls in here and by the end of the song there was not a dry-eyed adult in the room. It was a truly moving experience.

Thank you to all of the teachers who came before me to put this program in place. Their hard work and innovative ideas, along with the generosity of our benefactors, have put our school in high regard by all who have visited over the past 20 years. We will be celebrating this milestone with cake and cupcakes when Jarrett J. Krosoczka, our 20th visitor, finally arrives in March.

Below are a few of the visitors who have come to our schools.

Attales Library Time and Student Library Assistants

Student Library Assistants have returned to the Media Center! After a long period of scheduling conflicts, we finally have our CAP periods free for the Attales students. We are so grateful for this schedule change. It has allowed many students to come to the Media Center to choose books, do homework, find a quiet corner to read, and help out in the Media Center. We have been able to revive our Student Library Assistant program (formerly known as the Library Media Club) and hold events for the middle school students during this period. We currently have 15 assistants from grades 5-8 who help with shelving books, processing new books, keeping the Media Center tidy, and assisting at our events. We have had two events so far, Mystery and Mayhem in the Media Center and National Gaming Day. For Valentine's Day our regular Media Center attendees made valentines for senior citizens in a nursing home. Upcoming events will be Blind Date with a Book, Teen Tech Week, Books-to-Movie Day, Graphic Novel Day, and our annual Comic Con. We will also be starting a book club in the next few weeks and will be completing a few Makerspace crafts using old books.

STEAM in the Media Center

It is project time in the Media Center once again! We have been making spy gadgets for our author's Lunch Lady character,starting animal research projects, and creating Lenni Lenape tales.

Our third graders have been using recycled materials to create new spy gadgets for the main character in the Lunch Lady series. We began the project by reading the Lunch Lady books and then reading Rosie Revere Engineer, which tells us that not every invention works on the first try. The children had to design the gadget, collect the materials they would need, and then proceed to build. Our projects are now complete and the finished product will be put into an Augmented Reality app on our iPads to show our visitors how the gadgets works.

First grade has just jumped into animal research using our PebbleGo animal database. They are very excited to learn about their animals. After they find all of their facts, the students will use the Chatterpix app to animate a drawing of their animal. We would also like to create habitats for our animals (E for engineering) using Legos but we do not have enough in the Media Center. If you have any extra and would like to donate them we would be ever so grateful.

Fourth grade will be doing two projects. The first is to complete their Lenni Lenape tales which will be put into a digital flip book using the same web tool that produces our Marsh Currents. Their second project will be creating book trailers in Animoto for Caldecott Medal books.

Second grade and Kindergarten will also be doing STEAM projects to be announced at a later date.

The photo below has a sample of our spy gadgets: a Hamburger Frisbee Shooter, Spy Cups, and Sandwich Walkie Talkies.

Big image

Help Us Build Our Makerspace

Libraries are not only the home for books and reading. They are becoming the center for learning and exploring through making. We would like our library to reflect this new role by adding a Makerspace to our Media Center. With your help this can happen. Please take a few minutes to check out the link below with all of the information about what it is and what we would like to do.

Reading and Homework Resources

Below is the link to a great e-book site for children's books. Epic!, is a division of Netflix. Epic! has a nominal monthly fee and contains a wide variety of books for all levels, both fiction and non-fiction, and popular titles. Epic! can be accessed on any device.

And don't forget about our wonderful PebbleGo and PebbleGo Next databases. The username/password for both are absecon/read.

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This newsletter is published by Rose Hagar, Media Specialist for the Absecon Public Schools.