News for LRU Adjuncts/PT Faculty

October 2015

Midterm is coming ... Oct. 13th!

If you teach undergraduates, you should issue midterm grades via MyLR by 10 a.m. on Oct. 14th (Wednesday). Watch your LRU email for a message near midterm from the Registrar with directions about how to enter these grades. If you teach graduate students, issuing midterm grades is not required, but is optional. If you have questions, please contact the LR Registrar's Office, phone is 828-328-7412

University Supports and Student Referrals

Above there are links to many support programs in place to assist LRU students academically, emotionally, physically, socially, and spiritually. Please make referrals if you feel a student is having difficulty. Be sure to use this link to report student concerns. It is a contact to the Student Success office and Cornerstone Student Support and Wellness Center. Please use this if you have student concerns about attendance, performance or behavior. The earlier interventions can be made to provide support the better. You can also email Brian Hamm, Director of Student Success, at

It's our Quasquicentennial (kwos-kwi-sen-ten-ee-uh l) at LRU!

Join us for the many events throughout the year celebrating the "Fair Star of Caroline". Click here for a list of events!
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Need help with Canvas or WebEx?

Click here for resources to help you with Canvas and/or WebEx.

Click here for newsletters from the LR Center for Teaching and Learning for October and September 2015.

Also the CTL will offer a session on how to use WebEx on Tuesday, September 29 beginning at 11:15. The training should take close to an hour, allowing people to get back for 12:15 classes, the training session will meet in the Center for Teaching and Learning in Rudisill Libary on the Hickory campus (LIB 104).

Unfortunately, webex training cannot be done using webex, so this will be only for people who can attend in person. Please email me ( or Jessica O’Brien ( with any questions.

Things to do (if you haven't)!

  • submit your completed fall syllabi to the person designated by your College, School, or program to receive them and forward them to the Office of Institutional Research and Assessment - contact if you have questions about syllabi
  • secure and turn in your contract to the Office of Academic Affairs - contact if you need assistance with contracts
  • complete any outstanding Human Resources paperwork - especially if you are new or have not been employed within the last year, please contact or for assistance
  • complete the Sexual Misconduct and ADA training online if you have not had the training at LR already - contact if you need to access the training module on Canvas

Reminder of Eligibility

Employees who work half-time or more for at least one year may be eligible to participate in the defined contribution retirement plan; all employees are immediately eligible to participate in the tax deferral arrangement. Details on these programs are available in the benefits office in the Lineberger Administration Building - contact Ann Marie Blackmon at
(828) 328 7018 (t) or

Janet Painter, Coordinator of Adjunct Instruction - Hickory campus