Coordinate Geometry

by:Amadou Tine

What is it?

Coordinate geometry is the use of algebra to study geometric properties; operates on symbols defined in a coordinate system. The coordinate plane is a basic concept for coordinate geometry. It describes a two-dimensional plane in terms of two perpendicular axes: x and y. The x-axis indicates the horizontal direction while the y-axis indicates the vertical direction of the plane. In the coordinate plane, points are indicated by their positions along the x and y-axes.

Things You Can do in Coordinate Geometry

If you know the coordinates of a group of points you can:

  • Determine the distance between them
  • Find the midpoint,slope and equation of a line segment
  • Determine if lines are parallel or perpendicular
  • Find the area and perimeter of a polygon defined by the points
  • Transform a shape by moving,rotating and reflecting it

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Intro to Coordinate Geometry