EL Program Updates

May/June 2016

In this issue...

  • Kiersten's Corner
  • New EL Program SDAS!
  • Generating EL Service Plans
  • Parent/Guardian Interpreter Information
  • Visual Staff Directory--Please advise Josh if you are changing jobs or buildings!

Kiersten's Corner--Reflect and Celebrate!

This has been quite a year of change – new grade spans, new EL program sites, new staff, new teams, etc.! I am so grateful to each and every one of you for all of the work that you have done this year to survive and thrive amidst all of the changes. One indicator of the powerful impact you have with students is the number of students (284 so far!) who are exiting from the EL program at this time of the year.

Trust us, there are more exciting ways to spend several days than processing hundreds of Change of Status forms. Jeanne, Heblin and Josh have survived by savoring each of the individual names of students who have successfully come through our program and exited. There are dozens and dozens of our fourth and fifth graders exiting who came to us as Kindergarteners with little or no English. There are students who had “plateaued” for a while and finally met proficiency. Other students had refused services in the past, came back into direct service and then exited. All of these exiting students are now academically on par with their grade level peers. You all know how much time and effort goes into making that happen. It is a huge achievement. In education, our perpetual question is, “What can we do better?” Please take some time this summer to reflect on the positive impact you have had on your students this year. Thank you all for your hard work.

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Welcome New EL Program SDAS--Michelle Munkholm!

It is with great pleasure and excitement that I announce that Michelle Munkholm has accepted the EL Staff Development/Assessment Specialist position! Michelle brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to this work. She has taught at the elementary and secondary levels in our district and also has experience teaching overseas and with adults. She has worked with students in small groups, in sheltered EL classes, and as a co-teacher in multiple content areas. Michelle has experience leading professional development at the school, district, and national level. She will continue in her current role as an Instructional Coach for the remainder of this school year and begin her new position in July.

Michelle will primarily work with our co-teaching teams by providing professional development and on-going support as well as leading some of our program improvement work during the upcoming school year. I feel so fortunate to begin this work with Michelle and I’m so excited about all of the possibilities that exist for our students, staff, and families. Please join me in welcoming Michelle to this position!

EL Service Plans--

Have questions about how to generate and print your EL Service Plans?

Check out the Ellevation Quick Start Guide. Information about the EL Service Plans can be found in the "Reports" section which starts on page 8.

Still have questions--call Jeanne or Josh

Remember--Print and file the EL Service Plan in the CUM file by June 9.

Parent/Guardian Interpreter Information

Our district is switching to a new student information system this summer--Synergy. Synergy has fields where we can list information about parent/guardian needs for interpreters. Every effort will be made to collect and enter that information for new students enrolling in our district.

We assume that EL teachers and/or secretaries have information about interpreter needs for current students. If you would like that information entered into Synergy (and ultimately into Ellevation) for your existing students, please share it with us and we will work to enter it into Synergy.

You may enter the information on this Google Sheet, or email a copy of the information you have on a Word Doc or Excel Sheet. We will need to know the student's full name, ID, which parent(s) need interpreter (if available), and the language. You can get this information to us anytime now or this summer. Or next fall.

Visual EL Staff Directory

If you are moving to a new site, new position, or simply moving on, please contact Josh Smith so he can update our directory. Thanks!

EL Program District 279

Kiersten Nicholson, EL Coordinator 27074

Jeanne Adelmann, EL Intake Facilitator 66507

Josh Smith, EL Intake Facilitator 66407