Mrs. Bodart's First Grade News

February 19, 2016

Starting to feel like spring...

I am very excited about the weather report this weekend; I am ready for warm weather. We have another day to make up. That means we will be in school Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, March 23, 24, 25.

We had a wonderful Valentine's Day. The boxes were very cute and creative!

Reading Logs/Reading at Home & Something to Think About

I have a lot of students not turning in the Reading Log. Your child needs to be reading for 20 minutes each night in order improve his/her reading skills. If you child reads for 20 minutes each school night, that is 100 minutes a week, 500 minutes a month, 3,600 minutes a school year. That is a lot of minutes to improve!


Looking for more books check out

Here is the Login Information

School Name: Hoosier Family of Readers

Username: read

Password: read

There are many books the students enjoy reading. Please use to check if a book is within your child's range.

School Accounts

If your children are sharing devices at home, please make sure they are logging off of their accounts when finished. In addition, please make sure your children are not logging into a sibling's account.

Box Tops

Keep sending them in! Ask your friends and family to help. Last day to turn in Box Tops is February 24th.

Learning About Garbage