MPMS Job Descriptions

for Collaborative Learning

Teacher Responsibility

When setting up collaborative learning activities, the instructor must decide whether to assign group roles or to let the group members decide. Some criteria to consider may include the educational maturity of the students, their familiarity with group work, and the available time for the activity.

The Hive Master (Facilitator)

  • provides leadership and direction for the group.
  • leads discussions.
  • suggests solutions to team problems.
  • helps members clarify points.
  • protects members from attack.
  • makes sure that every voice is heard.
  • focuses work around the learning task.
  • says, "Let's hear from_____next."
  • says, "That's interesting, but let's get back to our task."

The Hive Keeper (Recorder)

  • keeps a public record of the team's ideas and progress.
  • checks to be sure that ideas are clear and accurate.
  • uses charts, multiple colors, and other techniques to highlight and summarize the ideas of the team.
  • says, "I think I heard you say_____; is that right?"
  • says, "How would you like me to write this?"

The Cyber Hornet (Technology/Equipment Manager)

  • collect and return all materials and supplies to appropriate place(s).
  • make sure everyone has equal access to materials and supplies.
  • provide technology support to the group.

The Buzzy (Presenter)

  • regularly contributes to the team's efforts.
  • presents the group's finished work to the class.
  • says, "How would you like this to sound?"
  • says, "How much of what we discussed should be shared with the class?"

The Stinger (Wildcard)

  • assumes missing member role.

Let's foster that Hornet Pride at Mance Park Middle School!

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What is a dance for hornets?

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