October is HERE!

Only 2 days left to pre order your cosmetics!

And the winner is......

I did the drawing from our end of the month flash incentive. Everyone that added $100 in BV was added to a drawing to win an eye shadow palette and brush when it launches and the winner is Stacy Grobmyer!! Way to go Stacy. I'll send your new items as soon as they launch.

Cosmetics Pre order info

Hi Team,

Don't forge to take advantage of the Cosmetics Pre Order that runs through October 10th. Beautycounter is giving all consultants an opportunity to order the entire line of cosmetics at a deeper savings than the normal 25% off. The entire line is a $628 value. With our normal 25% off it would be $560. Then they are giving us another 11% off and it comes to $420. What a great deal! Then you get complimentary 2 day shipping! So make sure to download the PRE ORDER form here and take advantage of this offer. The holiday selling season is upon us and I forsee our new color line selling like wild fire. I had the opportunity to see it all at the Leadership Retreat and it is absolutely amazing!!

Here's to an amazing October!!

If you didn't get a chance to read the email from Headquarters this week, here it is. It gives details of the Cosmetics launch:

Dear Beautycounter Consultants,
We have experienced some last-minute production errors on the Color Define Eyebrow Pencil (3 shades) and the Color Outline Eyeliner Pencil (3 shades) that will delay the launch of these products until the first week in November.
We do not want to let this setback delay the launch of the Color Cosmetics Collection, and as such we have set the following action plan.

Pre-sale Orders
First, in response to requests from the field, we are happy to extend the pre-sale period through October 10th.
Pre-sale orders placed for the Cosmetics Collection between October 1st and October 10th will ship out as planned, to be delivered no later than October 17th. All products except the pencils will ship free of charge on that date. We will charge Consultants $313.20 per set upon shipment, which is the prorated Pre-sale Set price for all products that will ship:
  • 4 Color Shade Eye Duos
  • 3 Color Sweep Blush Duos
  • 2 Color Contour Bronzer Duos
  • 5 Cosmetic Brushes
  • 2 Lip Sheers
The balance of the products will ship out on or about November 5th, again free of shipping fees. When the pencils ship, Consultants will be charged $106.80, the balance of the Pre-sale Set price.
  • 3 Color Outline Eyeliner Pencils
  • 3 Color Define Eyebrow Pencils
Cosmetics Launch
The Color Cosmetics Collection will launch on October 15th on Beautycounter.com. All products except the pencils will be available for purchase on that date. We will put an announcement on the home page to let Clients know that pencils are coming – similar to the message that is currently on the home page announcing the upcoming launch of Color Cosmetics.

We have prepared eight looks featuring various products from the new Color Cosmetics Collection. These looks will be presented with imagery and application steps on cards that Consultants will be able to purchase Behind the Counter. They will also be featured on Beautycounter.com in a new “Looks” section, wherein Clients will be able to add all products in a look to their cart with one click or shop the individual items that make up each look.
The look cards will be available to purchase Behind the Counter starting October 15th when the Collection launches. These cards will be a valuable resource for you to leverage to learn important application steps and tips directly from Christy Coleman.
The looks will go live on Beautycounter.com on or as close to November 5th as possible, when all products (including pencils) are available for purchase. Many of the looks include the pencils, so it only made sense to launch the looks on the site once all products were available for purchase.

Holiday Gift Sets
There are two additional Color Cosmetics looks that will be sold as special, limited-edition holiday gift sets. These sets will be packaged with a special tip card explaining how to get the look. These sets will be available on the Gift section of the site when the pencils become available on or as close to November 5th as possible.

Other Support
The following support tools will be available on October 15th:
  • Look cards (see above)
  • How-to videos: these videos feature Christy demonstrating exactly how to apply these products. Videos for Color Shade Eye Duo, Color Sweep Blush Duo, and Color Contour Matte Bronzer will launch on 10/15 on the product pages and on the Beautycounter You Tube Page. Videos for Color Outline Eyeliner Pencil and Color Define Eyebrow Pencil will be available when those products launch in early November.
  • An over-arching Color Cosmetics inspiration video featuring Christy describing how she developed the collection and where she drew her inspiration from will be available on Beautycounter.com and You Tube.
  • Price List
  • Product Training Guide
  • FAQs: Heavy Metals, Powders, and Lips
  • Heavy Metals Infographic
  • Launch Flyer—on October 15th, the launch flyer will reflect the products we are launching with
  • Invitation—to use in setting up your initial Socials around this product launch
We are so sorry for this inconvenience. As always, we are doing everything we can to deliver you the absolute safest and most high-performing products in a timely manner—and we are committed to these standards with every product we put into the market. We appreciate your patience!

This information will also be communicated on the Consultant Call this Wednesday, October 8th.

Very best regards,
The Beautycounter Team

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