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Getting to the Next-Level

Getting to the Next Level

If you want to go higher, you got to go lower. The Bible says humble yourself, under the mighty hand of God and he shall raise you up in due time. We all want to go to the next level, but the question is how. Marshall Goldsmith a UCLA scholar, one of the top business coaches in the world and author of the book, "What Got You Here, Won't Get There", says you have to be even, more humble and make friends with everyone.

King David, the general whose strategies were studied by Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte, and leading technology consultants of Israel today; had to lead a rag-tag militia against competing nations and train them to administer in a takeover government. He simply had to keep going! There is a grace to just keep moving forward.

Jesus, the greatest leader of all time, allowed the power of the Holy Spirit to take him to the next-level. The Bible says, the same Spirit that raised Christ from the dead will quicken your mortal body, by his Spirit that dwells in you.

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