Learning and Having Fun in K-1!

We are really FALL-ing into a routine :-)

K-1 Happenings

This week we welcome a student into our class, Jeremy! Welcome! The kids are doing such a nice job making him feel welcome into our class. We had so much fun on our trip to the Pumpkin Farm. We got to ride a tractor, learned about the pumpkin life cycle, and got to pick our very own pumpkins, radishes, and string beans! Unfortunately, it started to rain just before we were going onto the playground. We have to give a HUGE KUDOS to the kids for "going with the flow" and being SUPER first time listeners as we walked back to the bus. This trip will really be a great spring board for our infamous "Pumpkin Week" which is at the end of this month. Maryam also kicked off our "Star Student" with a nice poster and show and tells. Great job Maryam!!

What we learned this week...

This week we learned the new letters i & u. We reviewed the sight words I, am, can, we, & the. We also kicked off our family unit, and discussed how families can be different. In Math, we have started to use the words "same", "greater than", and "less than". In Social Studies, we discussed making healthy decisions and how to say "no" to someone when they ask us to do something that we know isn't right. We also read "Words Are Not For Hurting" to kick off Anti-Bullying Month. Mrs. Glassman also came in for a great Second Step lesson on feelings.

Some Photos from Our Trip

Friendly Reminders :)

  • Please be sure to keep the math packets we send home for homework in your child's homework folder. We don't have extras and if you lose them you will have to print them off of the website :(

  • Please label all money coming into the classroom (including lunch money). With almost 20 folders coming into the classroom, unlabeled money can get lost in the morning shuffle.

  • Once we have introduced letters, we expect the children to attempt to write them the correct way. We will of course be working on this throughout the year, but your help at home is very much appreciated. Please refer to the Fundations Handbook that was provided at Back to School Night for the verbalizations

Have a WONDERFUL 3 day weekend!

Get Along Monsters: IT'S OK TO SAY NO
Words Are Not for Hurting read in English