Carolina Pearls February Newsletter

What an amazing January!!!!

Carolina Pearls,
We had a really exciting month, we added 11 new stylists to our team! That is 11 new women that are going to be able to style their lives as they wish, be a part of this amazing community, and have control of their destiny.

I know that many of you worked very hard by planting seeds, called friends and past hostesses and reach out to more women than you ever had. Many of you sponsored and proved to yourself you could do it. If you did not sponsor it is not the end of the world, I promise the work that you did in January will all come about in the next several months.

I would like to share with you one stylist that I signed up named Shelley Hall. We talked about a year and half ago about her becoming a stylist and hosting a trunk show. I really thought she was going to sign up in 2011. Out of the blue she called me yesterday and said she was ready and excited about becoming a stylist. I could have not been happier and it was such a pleasant surprise. Danielle says it best " What you talk about will come about."

The Fabulous "19" in sales for the Carolina Pearls (January)

Stylists who earned the 5% bonus!

1. *** Heather Stepp*** $4,016.00

2. Laura Reynolds $3,343.50 STAR STYLIST
3. Dana Sellers $2,433.00 DIRECTOR

Stylists that qualified and earned business supply credits.

4. Lindsay Oehmen $2,171.00 STAR STYLIST
5. Mandy Owens $1,683.50
6. Kirsten Okimosh $1,041.00 LEAD STYLIST
7. Jessie Hansel $1,001.39
8. Cindy Epps $984.00 LEAD STYLIST
9. Katie Hinely $941.30
10. Morgan Bills $923.00
11. Amy Snook $886.90
12. Jillian Holmes $717.60 LEAD STYLIST
13. Mary Jane Postiglione $667.50 LEAD STYLIST
14. Bridget Rutledge $666.84
15.Chrissy Colburn $614.20 SENIOR STYLIST
16. Marion Braden $597.00
17. Amy Kahn $546.74 LEAD STYLIST
18. Alicia Callier $543.11
19. Lauren Whitfield $516.00

Promotions for January

Look who promoted last month!

Mary Jane Postiglione
Kirsten Okimosh
Cindy Epps
Amy Kahn
Jillian Holmes
Mindy Forlenza
Amy Zimmer
Heather Myers

Top In Sponsoring

Dana Sellers 3 New Stylists

Mary Jane Postiglione 2 New Stylists
Jillian Holmes 2 New Stylists

Laura Reynolds 1 New Stylist
Kirsten Okimosh 1 New Stylist
Kimberly Bridges 1 New Stylist
Chrissy Colburn 1 New Stylist

Our Newest Carolina Pearls

They are our up and coming Leaders & Stars! Let's watch them rock the business!! We are so excited for you all.
Jennifer Holleran
Shelley Hall
Allison Johnston
Kimberly Cochran
Katie Adams
Athena Bakris
Samantha-Marie Suljic
Dusti Semach
Paula Maire
Kelli Stanley
Diana Todd


Do not forget to join the Carolina Pearls FB page to receive communications. Also, please keep up to date by reading the news page in the Stylist Lounge. Have a great February! XO, Dana