The Lady and The Tiger

Megan Mettler: 3


The Courtier

The King

The Lady

The Princess


The most prominent theme is dealing with the consequences of your actions and choices. Poor prisoners of the king are forced to choose one of two doors which hold behind them either life or death. And then the princess of course has the difficult choice to make whether she should tell her lover the truth about who is behind which door or not.

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The King went out and found the biggest tiger and the most beautiful woman. The princess found out who the woman behind the door would be. It was some chick who liked the courtier and flirted with him. She realized if he picked her they would have to marry.

Figurative Language and Sense

“The king and his court were in their places, opposite the twin doors--those fateful portals, so terrible in their similarity.”

The doors are compared to fateful portals, which helps us understand the normal doors, because of the way they are used. It becomes a symbol of the destiny of the young lover of the Princess.

“determine whether or not the young man had done wrong in allowing himself to love the princess.”

It showed me that the king is like most antagonists. He does not understand the concept of love. Obviously he thinks that the boys love for the princess is a choice and not something that the boy just got caught up in. I think that the antagonist has difficulty feeling emotion, especially the emotion of love.