what literacy is and how it affects you

Media and being literate

Media literacy is the understanding of the media, how it affects society and you. The media (and that’s a broad topic in and of itself) is a big sticky mess of social media, news, advertisements, and other such things. I say it’s sticky because once you are exposed, its nigh on impossible to escape its grasp. Businesses check out your Facebook and twitter, and this may affect your employment status with that company. Friendships begin and end on social media sites. The youth are bombarded by advertisements that are engineered in such a way as to play on their psychology to get them to beg mommy and daddy for this that or the other thing. It is such a huge factor in modern life that you NEED to be literate in the ways of the media, in all its facets. The modern human needs to know how to navigate the media and how to do so wisely. Media literacy is the average person’s able to understand what the media is, what it does to you, and to society (and it affects both of these things in a tremendous way). What the individual must know is that every keystroke in your computer is logged and can be accessed in some way, shape, or form. Every site you see is in your history, and web browsers use that info for several things. Chiefly among them is advertisement, which subjects the individual to more media. The best way to keep this from hurting you is to simply keep it in mind and make smart and intelligent decisions. Be net savvy and you'll be alright, in this case, knowing is all the battle. If you learn to recognize what these forms of media are trying to do, you will be much less susceptible to their influence. Be smart and stay safe.

Jaguar Super Bowl XLVIII ad - British Villains 'Rendezvous' (2014)

Precis for the comercial

Jaguar in their 2014 Big Game Commercial-"British Villain Rendezvous" presents their car as precise, powerful, focused, and cutting edge. Jaguar supports their presentation by associating people with the aforementioned characteristics with their product, and doing various things that support their claim such as jumping out of helicopters and racing buses. Jaguar is showing us these people whom we see often in the media in an attempt for us to associate with them, their actions, and thereby the product which Jaguar is advertising, which with that combination of familiarity and excitement, will cause people to want to buy their car. The actors speak with an easiness and confidence that would attract most people, but would truly resonate with those wealthy and adventurous enough to buy these cars.

Satirical Article

U.S. Not willing enough to intervene in Ukraine’s affairs!?

Dalton Taylor, Master Reporter

Thur March 6, 2014

CRIMEA- Russian troops entered Ukraine on Friday and occupied Crimea, much to the displeasure of the Crimean Community. These poor people were forced to take pictures with the Russian soldiers, examples include the Red Army posing with children, the Crimean's being held at gunpoint (though no picture of the gun exists, it is most assuredly there) draping a Russian soldier with a russian flag... LIKE A CAPE!!! This shows just how evil they really are, with their propaganda and lies. The evil army’s audacity to stage a vote for the Crimean succession and integration into russia is a clear example of how the Crimean's really view Russia. And what's worse, the American people are too apathetic towards this growing tragedy. There are only a few protests going on in the streets, almost as many as there were for the wars in the middle east.

“We aren't looking for a war, we just want some stability in the area, and most of us are historically Russian, so this is a weird kind of homecoming for us.”

To me, this is an absurd play of Russian propaganda to keep the U.S. out of the situation. The American people, with our plethora of knowledge of foreign affairs, are grossly apathetic towards this plight and we REALLY need to do something.

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1984 and Winston's Historia Calamitatum

Historia Calamitatum, by Rise Against, sung by Tim McIlrath, will be featured in a new rendition of 1984 by George Orwell. This is a pleasant surprise as Rise Against's music is often seen as too rebellious and controversial to be played on the mass media. However in this context it seems to fit in perfectly. We toe the line, Our time has come we're over due. Winston is constantly toeing the line in his conscious rebellion against Big Brother. Humanity is overdue for a change. Can there be a place to call our own; is there a road that takes us home. Winston and Julia are searching for a place they think they can be safe, and a place to call home. When it rains it pours, like summer storms the skies as grey as leaves; when Winston and Julia are captured they are subjected to a deluge of both physical and psychological torture. All in all i think this song will be a great fit for this film.