Hunting Outdoors

The peacefulness of hunting in the outdoors.

Into the woods I go to get to my treestand. When I get into the treestand and sit in it for awhile it is so peaceful. Sitting in the treestand and waiting to see deer is so stress relieving for me, because I know I am up north and away from school and my home life. Every day at 5:00 P.M the geese fly over my head and I get happy, so that's when i know bucks start to come into the open to feed on the acorns and long grass. Being up north hunting is my favorite thing to do because I like to go look at the pictures of my tree cam. Bow hunting is also my favorite thing to do because I get a chance to kill a ginormous buck that I have pictures of on my tree cam, because of that I go up north hunting whenever I get the chance.

Hunting with my uncle

When I wait and watch in the cold sometimes I get bored because I don't see any deer while hunting, but hunting with my uncle is never boring because he is a funny guy. At around 4:30 My uncle whispered “I think I just heard something jump the fence.” So I just sat there and looked at the tall weeds at the end of the fence and sure enough a big 10 point buck walked out. My adrenalin skyrocketed I had never seen that big of a buck before. My hands were shaking so much that I couldn't bring my gun over to the right quietly. I looked through the scope, I was so concentrated on the best shot, the deer stepped once more into the open then bang. The buck just sat there and looked at me like I didn't hit him. I was so nervous that the bullet didn't hit him. Surly i had of hit him. but sure enough he turned ran 2 steps then fell to the ground. I was so happy and my uncle was so happy for me too because he had never shot that big of a buck before.

The pain of hunting

When i'm hunting I have always seen a deer, but the most pain comes when they walk away. I have always seen little fawns come right up next to my tree stand. I have seen eight deer within one hour before but where no good shot because i'm hunting with a bow and they were 70 yards away. Two giant bucks walked out 80 yards away, and I got so happy because they were walking my way. They stopped and then they turned around and walked the opposite way. I got so mad. I didn't know if they saw me or what but they just walked the other way. It was painful to see them walk away, however that means I have more chances to shoot a giant bucks like those again.