January News


First Week Back....

Reminder that the boys and girls basketball teams DO play on Thursday, January 9th. The girls travel to Lexington (leave at 2.30) and the boys will be at home. The Jarrell Middle School Tournament will be on Saturday the 11th @ the high school. The girls also have a tournament scheduled for January 18th @ Thorndale for the A teams only.

Science Fair 2014

The students will be working on their science fair project each week. We will spend 1 class period each week (science fair due date May 22) asking and answering questions that will need to be discussed in order to complete the project. Time will be required to be spent outside of class on their project. This is also the time when the students will be receiving their rubrics which are required to be signed by a parent. We want the parents to be kept in the loop through this entire process. The fair isn't until May, but the students should be beginning their projects well before then.

Biome research

We will be spending the next 2 weeks on our Biome research project. The students have to come up with biotic and abiotic components that researchers would want to put into a museum. They will be assigned a specific region and will have many parts to research and document about their region. Please check Boyd7science.weebly.com or http://edu.symbaloo.com/mix/boyd7unit6 for more details and copies of everything that is needed. They will be creating a presentation that will 'sell' the items that they believe belong in a museum. Parents are always welcome when the students are presenting their projects. (The presentations normally will last approximately 10 minutes) One other note about presentations we are encouraging the students to 'dress for success'. We want them to look their best when selling their projects. Don't think they need new clothes to do this.... Nothing specific, just having them thinking about dressing their best to succeed.

10 Tips for Dressing For Success

Ecologists study biomes and everything in them. Students will need to be equipped with skills of the 21st century in order to be successful in any future jobs. Check out this link to learn more about ecologists.

Big Thanks to the Community Club!

The Community Club members have decided to reward those students around campus that they see doing good things. This may involve recycling, picking up trash, anything that better serves our JMS Community. The picture is of our club voted recipients for Oct, Nov and December. We look forward to this club growing and the students taking ownership in their JMS Community.