Orville Wright


Child Hood and Early Life

Orville wright was born in Dayton Ohio on August ,19,1871 he also has and older brother his name was Wilbur Wright his sister name was Katherine his father name was Milton Wright his mother name was Susan Wright.

Orville Wright accomplishments

Orville first plane was at 10:35 am,of 120 feet (37m) in 12 seconds ,at a speed of only 6.8 miles per hour (10.9km/h)over the ground what was the name of the first airplane you asked it was a glider he started his first airplane on December 17,1903.

Important Events

  • August 19,1871 Event:Orville was born.
  • December 17,1903 Event:controlled flight of a power driven airplane.
  • January 30,1948 Event:he died form 2 heart attacks.
  • May 25,1910 Event:Orville flew for six minutes with Wilbur as his passenger.
  • July 19,1909 Event:Orville completed the demonstration flight for the u.s. army.

How did Orville help are society {country}

Orville invented airplanes it helps our society because they quickly moved people and goods across large distance very quickly.Orville invented airplanes on December 17,1903 they made four brief flights with there first successful aircraft. They made airplane in North Carolina.

fun facts

1.The wright brother did not have an advaned way to turn right or left.2.the Wright brothers first airplane was actually a glider.3.the plane had a wingspan of 40.3 feet.4.their engine was called a pistion engine:this had a total of tweleve horsepowers.5. Wilbur was thirty six years old and Orville was thirty two years old they flew their first succesful flight.6.The Wright brothers sold the plane for 30.000 dollors.7 Orvilles father was a bishop


I think Orville is a secessful person like how many airplanes he build.