Aromatouch Restore

Reduce Stress & Inflammation - Enhance Immune System

A Clinical Application of Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils

The clinical application of essential oils is a truly beautiful and incredibly therapeutic way of administering healing benefits to the body. It's kinda like a massage, but more detoxing; somewhat like Reiki, though more hands-on.

This specific technique involves 8 or more different essential oils, applied to the spine, ears, and bottoms of the feet. Each oil is used with a precise action to be absorbed in the body; relaxing the central nervous system, supporting the immune system in ridding the body of pathogens, soothing aches and pains, invigorating and re-energizing the whole body. This system is unparalleled in its ability to balance the body's systems and functions.

For more specific information on the oils used and the benefits of this technique, join us at our next Essential Oils Workshop at 7:30 pm every Monday evening at Eastern Shore Yoga. Click here for more information.

*One lucky attendee will win a FREE AromaTouch Restore! :o)

Aroma Touch Technique
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