College Project

By Shaylen Parmar 5th Period

My Interest Rate and Years

Interest Rate=5.7%


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Cost Per Year=$17100

Monthly Payment=$280.98

6 Years=$20230.56

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Cost Per Year=$55630

Monthly Payment=$914.09

6 Years=$65814.48

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Houston Community College

Cost Per Year=$3358

Monthly Payment=$55.17

6 Years=$3972.24

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Cost Per Year=$67399

Monthly Payment=$1107.47

6 Years=$79737.84


Out of the four great colleges, I would FINANCIALLY go to Houston Community College (HCC). I would go this college because the monthly payment is only $55.17 which per year would only be $3358 including the interest rate. For the time I will be there (6 years), it will cost $3972.24.This is a cheap but reliable college because they offer many good degrees. This is why I would go to Houston Community College.