Fire at Triangle Shirtwaist Company

$1 New York Telegram

March 25, 1911

On a tragic saturday afternoon, a fire occured at Triangle Shirtwaist Company. With a total of 146 deaths and 71 injuries. The building didn't have any escape routes, and the only exit doors were locked. People stuck on the 10th and 9th floor had no other choice but to jump. Sorrofully, ladders only reached till the 8th floor. Most of the victims, were recent jewish and italian immigrant women aged 16 to 18. It was common for children to work back then, therefore, many children worked there. The aftermath of the fire ; many states had made laws to make escape routes, working water hoses, and exit doors.

The Aftermath

After the fire, some states required to have fire drills and working hoses. Progress was being made. A Labor union was made after. The Labor Union really helped to make work places more safer.