Stronger by the Week

March 20, 2015

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YOUR Support Strength

  • Improving communication: Melody will coordinate Garrett's calendar and smaller communication tasks

Looking Ahead

  • Reminder: Turn in all Benefits Enrollment forms by Tuesday, March 24th!
  • One point of contact: Field Employee Advocate to be set in place by 4/1/15!!! Stay tuned
  • Entering new benefits info
  • PDF testing
  • Equipment billing training
  • Grow Strong event planning team has picked prizes and recognition awards, get EXCITED!!

  • Don't forget to submit a family picture for the Grow Strong event, we want to see why you do what you do!
*Central/South TX: email pics to

*Permian Basin: email pics to

What's wrong with this response?

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Try this!! (NRN=No Response Needed)

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Strong People

  • ELC/AUT Project Manager accepts offer! (Start beginning of April)
  • Welcome to our 2 new hires! (ELC Apprentices)
  • Onboarding Improvement Meeting

Looking Ahead

  • Recruiting for Powerline Project Manager
  • Search for Director of Safety
  • Looking to hire 2 mechanics
  • Offer acceptance from SVC tech

Strength Safety & Training

Safety Tip of the Week!

"Love the Glove"...Dangers lurk all over, protect your hands & arms by wearing Strong Electric provided protective gloves!


  • Set meeting with Dept. of Labor for Apprenticeship program
  • Upcoming ARC Flash training with EP Energy
  • Worked with Donna on process training for GF/Foreman/Techs
  • Safety Overview improvements/additions discussed
  • Additional location for Safeland/FIT training

Business Development & Operations


Words mean nothing, Action is everything!
  • Garrett started field visits
  • Getting very helpful feedback from all!
  • Focusing on building: trust, relationships, communication, accountability, support and consistency
  • Awarded ABB/Baldor Distributorship!
  • Awarded 2 new tank batteries
  • Awarded 4 mile State Line E-line project
  • Service working picking up with Cimarex
  • Weather causing some minor work delays
  • Turned in SOV to Garrett for current projects
  • Programming project prep/training
Looking Ahead
  • Shane, Boyd and Scott L. traveling to support field and office

Team FAD

  • Knuckle boom fixed for delivering racks
  • Getting Monahans yard organized
  • Electrical done & new fan installed!
  • Possibly changing mechanic hours to accommodate schedules
  • 7 trucks got decals put on!


  • Worked on SAGE to coordinate with billing
  • Acquired new rentals for large projects


  • Worked on updating all requests
  • Outfitting new programmer
  • Reviewed outstanding tool requests


  • Creating spreadsheets to coordinate costs


  • Scheduling reports for Geo-fence, will help payroll and hold all accountable

Company-Wide Info

Weekly Wins!
  • Town Hall meeting gave amazing insight!
  • Cimarex treadmills fixed & returned
  • Uniforms are in and going out into the field! They look great and have gotten great feedback so far!
  • Perdiem option form!! You asked, we listened :)
  • Meeting with city officials to coordinate community impact event and possible work for City of Midland!
  • New Insurance coverage=better coverage in Permian Basin areas!
  • Improved attitudes all around
  • First quick bill out of Sage!
  • Internal Communication progress-plan will be sent to Ken
  • Job Request & Termination process training progress

$25 could be YOURS!

  • Field employees: send a pic of your crew reading the Weekly Report
  • Office employees: Read Communication tip and try it out with Nikki!
  • Email pics/tips to :

Happy Thoughts!

Positive Attitude is Everything - Very Funny Attitude Video - Inspirational

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