Ram Express

Salem Elementary Staff Newsletter

November 18, 2016

Volume 9, Issue 13


  • To Heather Quinn for organizing our 1st Annual Turkey Dinner Day! We have over 150 guests joining us!
  • To Diana McAndrews and Theresa Meinhardt for “holding the fort” while I was away and also for allowing me quiet time to work on the Federal Cards!

-Debbie Drennan

  • To Soula Martin for being so caring and thoughtful. I am so thankful for you! Your unexpected note came when I truly needed the inspiration.

- Desiree Lacerna

  • To Debbie Drennan for her help sorting all of the spirit wear!
  • To Kathy Rheinhart for ALL of her help collecting and receipting the money for our 1st Annual Turkey Dinner Day!
  • To Taler Stuppard for decorating the cafeteria and serving as our 1st Annual Turkey Dinner hostess with the mostest.

-Heather Quinn

  • To Marina, Iris, Arlisa, Patty, Cathy, Melissa B., Desiree, and Melissa M. for coming to the Literacy Action Team meeting and brainstorming amazing ideas for Reading Month.

-Andrea Payne

  • To the wonderful Salem Lambs Committee! Thanks for volunteering your time and energy to make our first Lambs Night so successful. We couldn't do it without your help!

- Desiree & Lindsey

  • To Arlisa Parker for tag teaming the Elementary Leadership Workshop last weekend with me and some of our SCA student leaders.

-Debbie Paras

  • To Andrea for bravely being the first to complete the Climbing to New Heights Innovation Challenge!!! She used Seesaw in her small groups for reading fluency and will be sharing these videos with parents through Seesaw in the next few weeks! Way to go, Andrea!
  • To Jane Steyne for forging ahead with Google Classroom and taking off with Google Forms this week! She has seen the power of using technology in her classroom! Innovation Challenge complete for Mrs. Steyne!!! (Don’t forget the Padlet reflection to share your knowledge with others!)
  • To EVERYONE who collaborated with me and let me come into your classrooms to do some fun techie stuff with your students! I love it!!!
  • To Dr. Shufflebarger and Mrs. Quinn for having a growth mindset about technology in the classroom. I am excited to be climbing to new technology heights with Salem!

-Jane Harvey

  • To Lindsey and Desiree for organizing a fun filled Salem Lambs Nights.
  • To all the staff members who came out to work at stations and help in so many ways: Denise & Emily, Gwen, Kim, Melissa M., Tabitha, Penny, Teri, Claudia,Peggy, Iris, Debbie D, Nancy, and Patty,
  • To Heather, Marina, Lindsey, and Kelly H. for not only helping but also sharing their own Salem Lambs with us.
  • To Michelle and the Salem Cafe Staff, Heather, Kathy, Taler, and the Custodial Team for all of their efforts making our 1st Annual Family Turkey Dinner a success.
  • To Melissa B., Jane H., Jane S., Debbie A. and Patty for soaring with the Airplane STEM challenge.
  • To the ILT for challenging us to be innovative, Jane H. for setting us up for success and Carl for quickly adding the link to SharePoint.

- Ann Shufflebarger

The Ram Express staff is taking a week off from publication next week. Continue to send kudos to Debbie Drennan to be included in our December 2 edition. We have so much to be thankful for!

I Make a Difference Award

Presented by Iris Streeter on November 7:

P - Polite and never speaks rudely to adults or children

A - Always friendly and has a beautiful smile

L - Listens and is compassionate about concerns of others

A - Amazing colleague to work with

S - Shares great ideas and her personal materials

Z - Has a Zeal for teaching the children here at Salem Elementary

And because you hear a "W" when you pronounce her name, "W" is for being a WONDERFUL all around person and friend. Ms. Palasz, YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE! :)

I Make a Difference Award

Presented by Regina Palasz on November 14:

This person helps keep us safe each and everyday,

She is kind and makes you smile when you walk her way.

She watches who is coming in and out of our school,

and makes sure that everyone follows each and every rule.

She checks to make sure our doors are locked and will lock them if they are not,

We appreciate you, Ms. Purcell, a lot.

Thank you for all your dedication and hard work here,

With you taking care of us we have nothing to fear.

Mrs. Purcell you make a difference at Salem ES!

December Calendar

  • All information to be included on the December calendar should be submitted to Theresa Meinhardt by Monday, November 28. This will ensure that will be included in the parent newsletter and help us all plan accordingly.
  • Remember to submit publications, letters, or other items for administrative approval to the yellow folder in Dr. Shufflebarger's mailbox 48 hours before you plan to send items home.
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Strategies for Helping Students Develop a Growth Mindset

1. When students succeed, praise their efforts and strategies as opposed to their intelligence. Praise for intelligence can actually undermine motivation and performance, as children praised for intelligence increasingly view intelligence as a fixed trait; in the face of failure, these children will display less task perseverance, less task enjoyment, and overall worse performance.

2. Think about setting achievable micro-goals to encourage students’ consistent incremental progress. Small wins repeated over time can lead to a growth mindset (and increased confidence).

3. Help students focus on and value the process of learning. Without this emphasis on learning, students will often base self-perceptions of intelligence and worth to grades received, promoting a fixed mindset. While grades are important, the value of learning should be prioritized.

4. Design classroom activities that involve cooperative rather than competitive or individual work. Research suggests that students are more motivated and successful when working in groups. Students feel a sense of responsibility to the group to try their best, and thus will experience the positive feedback loop of effort and success, encouraging the development of a growth mindset.

-Katie Finley


Nov. 18 - 5th Grade Airplane Challenge Finals at Aviation Museum

Nov. 18 - Family Turkey Dinner during lunch

Nov. 22 – STEM Club Meets

Nov. 23 - Adjusted Dismissal

  • Student dismissal at 12:40 PM.
  • Instructional staff dismissal at 1:20 PM.
  • Eight hour employees work 5.5 hours.

Nov. 24-25 - Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov 29 – STEM Club Meets

Nov 29 – Winter Tutoring Begins

Nov. 30 @ 9:00 - MTSS-B Quarter 1 Celebration (cafeteria)

Nov. 30 @ 3:40 – PAC Meeting (The Summit)

Dec 1 @ 3:30 Lincoln Financial Rep available (Teacher’s Lounge)

Dec 6 – Fall Makeup Pictures/Clubs/and Candids

(Morning will begin with clubs)

Dec 6 – STEM & SCA Clubs Meet

Dec 7 – MTSS-B Site Visit

Dec 7 – Chorus sings at the Norfolk Airport

Dec 7 @ 3:40- MTSS-B Tier 1 & 2 Meeting (The Summit)