Mobile Apps

What ones work in Elementary Classrooms

With so many different apps to choose from it can be hard for anyone to pick and choose the ones that will have the greatest effect on the learning of their students. According to apples list of apps these fall with in the top 20 of ones that teachers have reccomended. Hopefully this insight makes picking and chooseing a little easier.

Motion Math Zoom!

Allows kids to explore the number line through whole numbers, decimals, and integers. In a fun and educational way

Motion Math: A Kid's Dream Of School


This app is a dictionary and thesaures all in one. Students have access to 2,000,000 definitions, synonyms & antonyms. Schools are able to get this particular app at a discounted price through the apple store.

Example of Classroom Use:

This will make writing and understanding what you read a lot simpliar. If students are struggling with a word they are reading this would make it quick and easy to look it up and have a better understanding of the concepts your reading. Also when writing a paper or journal entry students could quickly scroll and find the word they are struggling with. Over all this will make understanding the english lanuage a lot more simplified.

Discovery Channel HD!

Provides access to shows and clips featured on the Discovery Channel. Schools have to pay for a full subsription but can be really worth it for the quality of videos that are made available.

Example of Classroom Use:

Videos presented in this app could be used to teach students more about a topic they are learning in Science, or provide examples of experiements that you would be unable to conduct in your own classroom. This would also allow them to experience things that might be out of your ability to expose them to, although it is not seen in real life there is a lot to be said about exposure through the media.

Explain Everything

Interactive whiteboard that allows teachers to prepare lessons using a variety of media tools and post for their students to see. Also allows for collaberation on the part of the students, as well as allows the students to post projects and comments online.

Explain Everything Uses In the Classroom (Katelyn)

Socrative Student Clicker

Allows you to engage the students in a way where they all feel that they can contribute to the class. Good way to check for understanding as well.

Simple polls and questions to check for understanding make sure that the majority of students are grasping the information, as well as opens the doors for all those students that might otherwise not feel comfortable sharing.