Chester Elementary School

November 19, 2021. Connect. Thrive


Hello CES Families!

As the first trimester comes to a close, we want to take a moment and reflect on the wonderful trimester that we have had at CES. Although it was a bumpy start, our students are having amazing learning opportunities in their classrooms everyday and our students feel welcomed within our walls, supported by caring adults, who are dedicated to their learning and well being. We LOVE our students!

Some of the highlights during this first trimester has been our Community Thank You Project where students learned about gratitude towards others and for our community that is still here; they've learned to connect with each other through our Buddy Program; students have had the chance to showcase their school Spirit during Homecoming Week, and to participate in art, hands-on science, and music in their classrooms. Our students have loved our students events this trimester: Thriving Thursdays, the Book Fair, the Halloween Parade, and Read All Day have all been a huge hit!

As you enjoy your week off, take time to celebrate your child, your family, CES, and our community. We have so much to be thankful for this year.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving week CES Families! See you on November 29th.

With Flexibility and Grace,

Colly Fischer and Nicholle Crowther


Please remind your child that personal items such as toys, footballs, basketballs, and Pokemon cards are to be kept at home. It is difficult to track which items belong to who and we cannot be responsible for lost or misplaced items.


We have Spirit Wear!

You can customize the color and design of items!

Our CES VOLCANOES STORE can be found by clicking here!

Notable Stuff and Upcoming Dates

11/22-11/26- Thanksgiving Break-No School

12/4-Report Cards available on Parent Portal

12/20-12/31-Winter Break

1/3-Students Return to School


Mary Juska, originally from Roseville, has served as the Chester Elementary School librarian since 2010. A graduate of Humboldt State, with a degree in Forestry and Environmental Ethics, Ms. Mary loves sharing her love of nature and literature with students as they peruse the variety of books in the CES library.

Ms. Mary enjoys learning about each child’s unique interest and directing them towards books that further their knowledge, interest, and passion. She loves how students think and appreciates the diversity that each child brings to CES. Ms. Mary also savors the old walls of our historic school, where the seasoned walls foster amazing citizens who care about their local community.

In her free time, Ms. Mary can be found crafting or with a pair of binoculars in her hand spying on birds. Ms. Mary would love to visit Scotland and Ireland someday to enjoy the beautiful scenery and, of course, study their native birds.

PUSD Dashboard

PUSD now has a Dashboard on the website with updated Covid positive test results in each school. These results come out each Friday, so the numbers here are from last week. Please see below for the updates to this week’s Dashboard which can be found here.

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How to Scan with the Box Tops Mobile App


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Fall Reading Program!

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Independent Study Explained

There are two types of independent study, long and short term. Long Term Independent Study is an option for your student if in-person instruction presents a health risk to your child. You will follow the instructions found here. Notification of Independent Study

Short Term Independent Study is provided in case a student is excluded from school due to Covid-19, exposure or symptoms and can do work from home. The school will communicate with you and explain the process. Then, we will send a short term independent study agreement to you on Parent Square. The teacher will provide work and for the work that your student completes, he/she will have those days credited and not marked as absent.

If you are planning for a child to be away from school for a family trip or the like, please notify the office. You may request a Short Term Independent study agreement in this case. This request should be 5 days in advance of your departure and will need to be approved by the principal. If approved, your child will be provided work which should be returned the day your child is back in school.

Volunteers on Campus

Volunteers on campus

CES values our volunteers who help us so much. This year, in addition to the paperwork that volunteers complete we will be requiring

  • proof of vaccination

  • Or a weekly Covid test

  • and be fingerprinted (this can be done at the District Office in Quincy)

You are considered a volunteer if you come in consistently to assist at school in your child’s class. Field Trip drivers or parents that help for one event are not considered volunteers in this circumstance.

Testing will occur on campus once a week starting in early October but one can get a test result from anywhere convenient. The “quick test” AKA antigen will be the test provided at the school. At this time, over the counter tests will not be accepted.

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Covid Protocols- new changes

Hello Chester families!

We’d like to remind all of our families that the same COVID protocols remain in place from last school year. If your child is ill, you will need to keep them home and follow the return to school criteria (see below). The complete PUSD Covid Protocols are found

here in Appendix B

Please use the At-home Staff and Student Screening to screen your children at home prior to sending them to school. The schools will contact any guardian for pick-up if your student develops symptoms during the school day. After experiencing any of the symptoms on this list, the student must meet the return to school criteria before they will be permitted back on campus. If you have any further questions, please contact your school office.

This week brings a change to Appendix B. See below for the details.

Here is to a great year!

Your PUSD nurses,

Emilee Pruitt, BSN, RN, Lead School Nurse

Jessica Logan, BSBA, RN, School Nurse

Lauren Tasaki, BSB, RN, School Nurse

Christina Tate, LVN

Emilee Schramel LVN

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Free Crisis Counseling

It’s been a tough last year and half for many in our county. The Covid 19 pandemic has brought hardship and uncertainty to our community, and the added stress of several catastrophic wildfires in the past two summers has added another layer of difficulty.

This double crisis has put tremendous burdens on all of us, and many people have no choice but to struggle alone. This is why California State has started a productive new partnership with BeWellLine, a partnership that will bring care to the people who need it most.

The BeWellLine mission is to provide evidence-based, free-of-charge care to people who might not have access to it otherwise. This is a free service, available to anyone, without regard to existing insurance coverage or qualification. Everyone in the state of California is entitled to reach out and get the help they need, receive advice and counseling, and share their story.

If you’ve been struggling through the pandemic alone or feel like you need greater guidance and support, get in touch with the BeWellLine by calling (855) 838-6910 or visiting or today to arrange a counseling session or learn more about how they can help you.The counseling services are available by phone, online chat, and video conferencing, and are free.

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