The Comanche tribe

By; Aly Rodriguez

What did the Comanches eat? How did they obtain it?What weapons were used?

They mostly ate meat ,bears, Many types of deer, and when food was scarce they would eat there own horses! buffalo as their main target, They Hunted the with spears they made, bow and arrows, and clubs which were made with a stonehedge.

Comanche houses

The Comanches were always on the search for buffalo, so they had to keep moving their homes. The Comanches were nomadic so they needed houses they could easily pack up. They adapted to living in a tepee. The tepees are made out of buffalo hide and can be packed up in less than 15 minutes.

Fun Fact

The Comanche children had to learn to ride a horse as young as 5, younger than 5 had to be carried on a cradle board by their mother.

Where are they now?

The Comanche had been devastated when the white men came and killed off almost all the buffalo they were forced to move other tribes had raided and attacked them and very few were left. Today there are reservations in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico