It's a Bugs Life

By: Annie R. , Brittany Q. , Katy T. , and Vanessa T.

Pill Bugs/ Rollie Pollies

Problem: Are Rollie Pollies attracted to lighter or darker places. Their natural environment is usually moist and dark. (comfortable and not spacious).

Hypothesis: If we use a darker construction paper compared to a brightly colored one then the rolly pollies will be more attracted to the dark one over a period of time because their natural environment is dark.

The Manipulated variable in this lab is- The construction paper

The range to be used is.... Time with 30 second intervals for 3 Minutes

Describe how the control would be set up. The same colored paper on both side, we used black construction paper for both of the petri dishes.

Description of 3 constant factors used in this lab.

Time: 30 second intervals (Total of three minutes)

2 Petri Dishes- to show the migration of insects

Rolly pollies-10 for data collection (never changed out)

Dark construction paper



  1. Prepare environment by connecting petri dishes and lining bottoms with two different colors of construction paper.

  2. Place Rolly Pollies inside petri dishes, five on each side.

  3. Start timer and record bugs movements every 30 seconds

  4. Collect data and record in table.

Manipulated/ Controlled Procedure

Manipulated variable procedure:

The manipulated variable is the construction paper.

First you place either light or dark construction paper underneath one petri dish and then do so as well with the second color of construction paper. This is to see whether or not the color or feel of the environment affects were the rolly pollies rome.

Control procedure:

  1. Put five bugs in each petri dish with black paper under both.

  2. Two petri dishes were joined together (hole cut in it) and attached with tape.

  3. Let the bugs roam and see which petri dish they go to even though the color is the same and the texture is the same. (This is for us to see if color actually affects them.)

  4. We recorded data every thirty second for three minutes.

Big image
Big image
When the pill bugs were in the yellow side of the petri dish the bugs would frantically roam around and on the black side of the petri dish the bugs would be calm, so color affected their mood.


Chi Squared

E= ((o-e)^2) / e

Manipulated: The Null Hypothesis is .548 and is below the degree of freedom (1) which is 3.48 which means that it failed to be rejected.

Controlled: The Null Hypothesis is .04 and is below the degree of freedom (1) which is 3.48 which means that it failed to be rejected.


We concluded that the pill bugs favored the dark side over the bright side. Are data table did not include enough data, so therefore we failed to reject the hypothesis.