Canada in 2060 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

What will Canada be like in the year 2060?


As of today, a main problem seems to be something like over population but how does Canada play a role in that? What will happen in 2060? In this,I will be talking about our condition in Canada and what it will be like in 2060.

Currently how Canada is..

Birth and Death Rates

As of how Canada is now, we have a birth rate of 10.29 births/1,000 population as of 2014, giving us a high birth rate, however since we have a high birth rate we also have a high death rate at 8.31 deaths/1,000 population (2014 est.) As of 2011, we have a population of 34,342,780 in Canada.

Immigration Rates

As for our immigration rate, we seem to have a high immigration rate at 250,000 immigrants flying to Canada as of 2013. The main contributors to this high immigration rate are China, India and . Reasons for this is probably to avoid things in their countries such as Gendercide and Canada has some great pull factors that make it a country worth immigrating to such as..

-Free Health care

-Good Education system

-Many job opportunities in Canada

-Demographic government

-Canada is very multicultural and diverse

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Aboriginal Status as of now? What about before?

Through the Canada – First Nation Joint Action Plan (The Plan), Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada (AANDC) and the Assembly of First Nations (AFN) commit to advancing a constructive relationship based on the core principles of mutual understanding, respect, ensuring mutually acceptable outcomes and accountability. Despite all these great sounding things, people will probably still discriminate the first nations until these plans take place. Even in the past, first nations were being discriminated. Back then when Residential schools were being made, they would often kidnap Indian children while they were very young, force them to go to school and "Beat the Indian out of them". Things such as children being raped by nuns and abuse even took place in these residential schools leading from 1870 - 1990. That's 15 years ago.

Natural Increase Rate?

As for our Natural Increase Rate, we have a natural increase rate of +2.41 as of 2010 giving us the 43rd lowest natural increase rate. This is actually good for us as it doesn't give us a natural rate where our birth rate doesn't completely topple over our death rate, over populating Canada and a low enough birth rate where our death rate isn't high than our birth rate.
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What about Canada in 2060?

In this section, I will be talking about what I think Canada will be in 2060 with birthrates, death rates, etc.

Birth and Death Rates?

As I said early, we seem to have a high birth rate and a high death rate. If I were to guess along this line I would say we would still keep our high birthrate but our death rate would also grow. I say this because of the baby boomers we had post-World War 2. The baby boomers ranged from around 1946 - 1964. As we would be in 2060, almost a full 100 years would have past and knowing most humans we usually have a life span lasting up into 80 - 100. In these 20 years, there were around 9.6 million baby boomers in Canada, making up around 27.9% of our current population. Going along this line we will most likely have a 27.9% increase in death rate around the years of 2050 - 2060 going to about 10.17 deaths/1,000 population. As for our birth rate, I would say it would decline just a smidgen as it would seem it would increase, decrease over the years and increase again.

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Following the trend of the Immigration rates as of 2001, I would say it's safe to assume that our immigration has a 50/50 chance of increasing. I would say it has a 50/50 as there are 2 major factors that play into this. 1 of them being that most of the Canadian baby boomer will be gone, leaving it all up to Generation Y, Our Generation, to keep up our economy. As it would rely on us, they might not take in immigrants as it might increase the work load and instead of improving our economy it might weaken it. A good thing that could happen is if the immigrants do help improve our economy for the better it will help everyone in general so yay.

First Nations in 2060?

After the First Nation plan I talked about earlier takes place, I expert our country to be even more diverse as it is now. I say this as the plan is to help build a strong bond/friend ship with the First Nations and by doing so, we open ourselves up to more diversity, culture, etc. but not just about that I would say is that the First Nations will probably feel more at home and less misunderstood. I say this due to us having this mindset that First Nation people are dressed with animal skins, have feather head bands, still hunt animals for food etc when they are just like us, Modernized. Also I hope that by this time we get over the mis beliefs that aboriginals don't pay taxes, etc.

Natural Increase Rate?

I did say earlier that our birth and death rate would grow and as natural our Natural Increase Rate would in turn grow too. I would say that our Natural Increase would grow significantly as our Birth Rate and by grow I mean be close to negative. I say this as the baby boomers would start to die off and our birth rate would stay the same and at this point our death rate might then be high than our birth rate at 1 point in the years but will slowly grow back to its 2.41 natural increase rate.

A link to a video where Aboriginal children are in care for a national disaster back in 2014

Bob Johnz

Canada in 2060 by Bob Johnz


I have high hopes that Canada in 2060 will be a good year even with all the baby boomers starting to die off and that our economy will still stay strong.