Welcome to Destination Diamonds!

with D.R.E.A.M. Team

What is Destination Diamonds?

This SECRET group was created by Cynthia Velez and Penny Blensdorf to help members of our team stay informed & problem solve together. The goal is to move all of our businesses ahead and to help each other to do so.

We created this group with the intention, that this will serve as a valuable resource for business builders. This SECRET group is intended for those who are ACTIVELY engaged in growing their doTERRA business. ELIGIBLE MEMBERS are those who've expressed an interest in the business, and meet the following criteria:

  1. maintain a minimum 125PV LRP each month
  2. PERSONALLY enroll at least 1 new WA per calendar quarter, AND
  3. remain in compliance.

I want to be Diamond ASAP!

Learn How to "Jump Start Your Success -- Elite in 6 Weeks"

Some people host 1 class a month and that can lead to slow & steady growth. However, if you'd prefer to go large when launching your business, watch this 25 minute video for some great ideas on how you can Jump Start Your Business:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=deW2C3loQD8

See Files section for Invitation Template.

But I'm so busy!

Learn How to Build Your doTERRA Business with only 7 Hours A Week!

Watch 40 minute video: https://www.anymeeting.com/WebConference-beta/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=E950DF88884830

Where do you want to be in 5 Years?

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Success Tips!

  • Find Your "Why"
  • Create Your Vision Board
  • Set Your Goals See also "Builder Worksheet" for Elite, Premier or Silver (See Files tab)
  • Plan Your Power of 3 (see Files tab) - Complete your "Power of 3" every month
  • Strategy Sessions - Request weekly strategy sessions via phone call with your support person. Don't know who your support person is? Ask Cynthia Velez.

Trainings Are Crucial to Learning & Growing!

Supplies offered by doTERRA

Supplies - Aromatools.com or OilLife.com

What do I need for a class?

1. Oils (top 10 is fine. NSK items are ideal.)
2. Diffuer (Petal is fine. AromaLite is ideal.)
3. Class in the Box Kit ($25/0pv has forms/Magazines/Oranges!)
4. Backpack (Walk in with this ONLY.)

Incentive Ideas (CIB Kit comes with 10 LIVING Magazines & 10 5ml Wild Orange Oils)

  • FREE Living Magazine for anyone who joins with Enrollment Kit at class
  • FREE 5ml Wild Orange for anyone who books a class within 30 days

I Just Enrolled Someone! Now What?

Calendar these important dates:

At the time someone places an order
for a kit:

  1. schedule a Membership Overview for 5 days from order date,
  2. give them a Live Guide (doTERRA version or share success version),
  3. send them a Welcome email (template here) with their Member ID & password, &
  4. invite them via email to the Living & Sharing Facebook group.

5 days following order date: Meet with your new person & refer to the Living dotERRA Naturally guide that comes inside their new member packet. Alternatively, you can use the share success version, Live Guide. Ask what their health goals are, how them how to use their oils, create wish list items, explain & set up LRP, ask if open to sharing, hosting, earning free products and/or extra cash. If yes, schedule time to walk thru Building Naturally guide. Alternatively, you can refer to the Edge Success Business Overview or share success Build Guide.

  • Live Guide & How to do a consultation after they get their products
  • Tips on LRP Enrolling still falls under hauling buckets. Helping your customers see the value of LRP is creating RESIDUAL INCOME!

  • 10 days following order date, check in to see how they are doing and if they have any questions.

    13 days following order date is the last day to "Move" them aka change their sponsor. THIS IS SUPER IMPORTANT. Click here for Haley Hobson & Jessica Moultrie tips.

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    We're here to support you! Ask us for help!