MBHS Spanish 1

These few weeks in Señora's class...

Has Your Child Subscribed to Remind Texts from Spanish?

Parents, you can also subscribe to these texts from me.

There IS Homework for Spanish!

Do you ever ask your child what they have for homework and they tell you, "NOTHING?" Well, back in mid-January all students made a DUOLINGO account and linked it with my classroom so I can check their progress. Each week students are to do a MINIMUM of 50 XP as their weekly homework (in addition to anything we don't finish in class). 50 XP is only about 20 minutes worth of work.

Students can use their laptops or their phones and can always do more than the 50 XP if they want, but they still have to do 50 for the following week.

Reviewing lessons still gets them points, but the purpose is to continue gaining proficiency with the language.

Parents, you can also create a free account and compete against your kids in Spanish or in another language!

Señor Wooly

We also started using Senorwooly.com in class to practice listening & reading comprehension. Since our current unit is on family/house/chores, we learned a song called "Los quehaceres" about a poor kid that has to do EVERYTHING around the house :)

The video is pretty funny but you have to be logged in to the website to see it. Here is a student remake of the video with the original song playing:

Los Quehaceres (Senor Wooley Remake)

Yes, I Do Have Tutoring Available!

If your child needs extra practice or you just want them to get their work done, please encourage them to come to tutoring. There is a late bus that runs on Tuesdays & Thursdays but I am available every day until around 3:30.

Check Grades!

All parents have HAC: Home Access Center where you can see your child's grades in all of their classes. Make sure you click "CLASSES" to see your child's current grades on all assignments.

If you have any questions about your child's grade, please contact me via email: cawells@mckinneyisd.net