Out of my mind

By: Sharon M Draper

What Out of my mind is really about

A eleven year girl named Melody Brooks had cerebral palsy a brain disorder that affects how your body functions. Melody has a photo-graphic memory with no delete button. Because she has cerebral palsy, she can not talk or walk but her mind functions perfectly well, she is actually the smartest person in her school. But their is much more drama to come.

What you will get out of this book

What you will get out of this book

You will get a heart felt story full of school drama, Disabilities, and love. It is definitely a page flipper full of suspense.

why this is a good book for other students

We highly recommend this book because it full of,emotions, drama ,and best of all Suspense its a wonderful book for all ages above 3rd grade.It also gives a wonderful message to put your self in other peoples shoes.