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June 2020, Volume 2, Number 10

Celebrating the Class of 2020!

Congratulations to the Frederick High School Class of 2020 for your amazing achievements and service to our school and community! We are excited to recognize you "virtually" and look forward to celebrating with you in person at a future date! Enter to Learn, Go Forth to Serve!

Frederick High School Class of 2020 Virtual Graduation

Monday, June 8, 2020 at 10:00 a.m.

FHS Scholars Finish Strong!

FHS Cadets have powered through distance learning the past several months and are finishing strong in their academic and elective classes.

Students in Mr. Miller's Introduction to Career Research Development course successfully completed the Budget Challenge. Their dedication and hard work with this financial simulation will benefit them in the future!

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Students in Mr. Johnson's Money, Finance, and Economics classes viewed a recorded interview with Brad Young, CEO of Maryland Financial Planners, to hear about career opportunities in financial planning. Scholars provided feedback on what they learned:

A person working in Financial Planning can have a thorough understanding of financial nuances but will not enjoy much success if he or she doesn't possess adequate interpersonal skills... Not having an idea of what you want to pursue in the future is not a excuse to slack off now. It is crucial to take advantage of every opportunity, even if it isn't related to "what you want to do," since it may provide new insights that will completely change your previous perspective and offer valuable experiences that will carry over into the future. - Zach, grade 11

Financial planners create their own promotions. Their income and success in the field depends on their people skills and expertise. There is an incredible amount of integrity in this field and thriving as a planner is a commendable achievement. - Isaiah, grade 10

I learned that it is important to develop good communication skills, a large network, and to learn from those around you. A good financial planner is personable, hardworking, can multitask, and is devoted to their work. - Cate, grade 11

Students in Ms. Ketrow's Law and Society class viewed a recorded interview with Jake Craven, Attorney at Law. Here's what they had to say about the most valuable things they learned:

The most valuable thing I learned during the interview was that in order to be a successful lawyer, you must develop a good sense of empathy and ability to understand those different from you. - Victor, grade 12

Communication skills, people management skills, good and calculated judgement, analytical skills and methodical and thorough research are all qualities needed. - Cade, grade 12

Every job will be stressful if you care about what you're doing, and that can be rewarding. Good lawyers are empathetic, are able to communicate and connect with different types of people, are invested in what they are doing, and have good writing skills. - Ava, grade 11

FHS Scholars Get Career Advice from LYNX Partners through Virtual LYNX Experiences

Our LYNX Advocates -- Ms. Koops, Mr. Moran, Ms. Sands, and Ms. Zimmerman -- are creating "Virtual LYNX Experiences" to ensure that FHS students stay connected with business and community partners as they plan for college and careers. Take a look at a few examples of Virtual LYNX Experiences our students can view with partners and contributors.

More to come during school year 2020-2021!

Brenda Frese, University of Maryland Women's Basketball Head Coach

University of Maryland Women's Basketball Head Coach, Brenda Frese, speaks to our LYNX Scholars about her career journey. Her advice? Take courses in public speaking. Find your passion, then make a living doing what you love.

Scott Nickle, Director of Corporate Sales, Philadelphia Phillies

Mr. Nickle, former Walkersville High School graduate, gives our LYNX scholars advice. "Stay flexible. Your plan will change many times. Don't give up." It was inspiring to hear, "If you can communicate, you can do anything. Keep networking. Tell everyone what you want to do."

Students Provide Feedback: What are the Positive Aspects of Attending a "Virtual" LYNX Experience?

Here's what FHS students have to say:

The online format was great as it was easy to hear and see everything.

I liked it...I was able to listen at my own pace.

I thought it was nice and easy to follow, and the added benefit of being able to increase the playback speed is nice.

We are able to rewind and catch everything. Things aren't getting lost in translation.

It was an innovative way to convey information in this situation. Although the amount of interaction was limited, there was the benefit of being able to rewind the video to review the information and highlight important details.

It was very easy to find, listen, and tune-in to the interview. I liked the format and it was exciting to wait for one of my questions to be asked.

I thought it was very helpful in allowing me to really understand how the job works.

I think this was great, all my questions were answered and the audio was clear so it was easy to understand. I can always go back and watch the video if I thought I missed something. I can watch the video at any time.

The positive aspects of attending a virtual experience are being able to follow along with the conversation and being able to rewind.

Stay tuned for more Virtual LYNX experiences during school year 2020-2021!

Virtual Learning Lab

Students: Remember to visit the Virtual Learning Lab for academic support as the school year winds down! All FHS students have been added to the Virtual Learning Lab in Schoology.

Students can participate in discussion boards with ELO teachers, advocates, and instructional assistants. Google Meet videoconferencing is available with parent permission.

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Have a great summer!