Rec Instructor Newsletter

December 2015

Current Happenings!

Most of our fall programs have ended. We had a fantastic Youth Dance Parent Showcase, instructor Allie is doing a wonderful job with the dance program!

Our current sessions of yoga, kettlebell and insanity will all be ending mid-month. Zumba recently started a new session so they are working it out through this month! We will resume with other fitness classes after the holidays.

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Upcoming Registration Deadlines...

-Registration Deadlines are 2 weeks prior to the start of a program.

-Every program has a minimum number of registrations we need for it to run.

-I will contact you near deadline day to let you know enrollment numbers.

-Most people wait until the last minute to register!

Winter Dance with Miss Allie- December 22 (haven't met minimum yet)

Jumpin' Gymnastics- December 28 (yes have met min)

Yoga for Kids- December 30 (close to min)

Alignment & Power Yoga- December 23rd (haven't met min yet)

Weight Loss Challenge- December 23rd (haven't met min yet)

Insanity LIVE- December 23 (haven't met min yet)

PiYo- December 26 (close to min)

CIZE- December 26 (haven't met min yet)

Drums Alive- December 28 (haven't met min yet)

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Looking Ahead!

I am currently working on the Spring 2016 recreation program guide! The guide will go out to the community end of January.

If you have any ideas or suggestions for spring programs please let me know!

We have a lot of new classes both for kids and adults this winter so please help spread the word.

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Please make sure to turn in all time sheets by the end of the month!