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why do 165,000 global searches occur from these 3 words?

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit. ~Aristotle~

What is it that we expect when we try to find work we can do from home? Are we truly looking for a magic site that will allow us to make money without any real effort?

For many of us, the reasons are all different for the " WHY". But the common denominator is the NEED for more income.

I have researched for months, different ways to " make money online". I have seen may different ways. Affiliating a product for someone else, usually for 5-75% commissions.

Drop shipping a actual product, a bit to complicated for me, but works for many.

Marketing your OWN product, something I myself was not interested in, definitely works for some.

For myself the most profitable is earning 100% commissions, and yes there are Co. out there that offer this!

Regardless of the path, it took me months to learn about each one, and figure out how advertisement is done, both paid and free.

I purchased many books and tools that I thought I needed, and I read article after article preparing.

What I came up with, is most of the business'es out there have something that consumers want. And people do more searches for brand names and specific items every day!

Generation "y" ( beginning birth dates from the latter 1970s, or from the early 1980s to the early 2000s.) wikipedia, is the computer era. This generation is most likely to Google and purchase online then in a actual store. One of the more popular forms of media use in Generation "Y" is social networking. ( Wikipedia )

The ability to sell online is there! Many are able to become financially free by online marketing, affiliating.

But what all of us have found is, working from home, is just that, work! There is no online Co. that does not require advertising, and working!

So How do you find a Co. you want to affiliate for or become part of a team with? You have to find a team or product you believe in! You have to work, at being positive every single day! People search every single day for ways to make money online. There are some fantastic Co. out there to work with!

I work for Co.'s who inspire me, not just the fact that their teams are making money, but that they care enough to share how they are doing it! They encourage you every day! They offer guidance and support, modules to learn from every day!

Here is the reality, if one individual can make it big, then you can to! The only person stopping you from becoming what you are meant to be is you!

Being successful online, means being successful in every aspect of your life!

I suggest you read the book " Psycho Cybernetics" http://freepdfdb.net/pdf/psycho-cybernetics

Believing and knowing what you are capable of are key elements of how you run your business and where it goes.

Never give up on your dreams and desires, because someone else believes, and they will become what there desires are.

Inspiration, reading, never giving up, or listening to negative advise.

Peace, inner strength, physical well being, all important for life.

Follow your Dream. Find a Co that inspires you, pushes you to the limits, and offers a way to succeed!

“By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands — your own.”–Mark Victor Hansen

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