New Year, New Beginnings!

Celebrating the successes of our Oily enJoyMint team!

How was your January?

January is always a month with lots of excitement, optimism, and plans. My biggest gripe with January is it's a little too exciting, optimistic, and certainly comes with HUGE plans! I am definitely one of those people who always falls for the idea of January, bites off way more than I can chew, then gets derailed on those plans. This year was no exception. The thing I love about January though is that it helps me put things in perspective. Since I do take on way too much, I realize what I'm prioritizing and decide if that's where I really should be spending my time. It gives me a chance to try new things, see what sticks, and toss what isn't working.

What is your biggest lesson from January? Mine was that I want to be more intentional in my "work" time and spend a lot more time sharing information with you and learning more about my oils. My hubby and I have been going through different oils, making our wish lists, and really figuring out which oils we love! It's been a lot of fun to do this with him, and I can't wait to share all that we are learning with you :)

Share your lesson in our OE Business Builders group with the hashtag #NewYearNewLessons and let's all learn together!!

Overall, January was a slow month. I think people were feeling a little worn out from the Holidays and everything that life throws at us during the last couple months of the year. Taking time to refresh and renew ourselves is awesome, but don't stay off the saddle too long! Join me in setting a goal for February and let's work together to accomplish all of our goals!!

Planning for our future!

As 2015 came to a close, I set some goals for myself and my family. I'm working towards those goals on a daily basis and can't wait to celebrate each of them with you! One of the goals I have for our team is to create an environment where people are comfortable coming to us with their questions and we can help members grow in their knowledge of essential oils and help our builders grow to achieve their goals. I want to help you reach your goals for 2016! What is your #BIGGoal for the year?

Every day I'm Hustling....

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What is the Hustle Award?

When you ask people to define leadership, you get several answers, but for me, leadership means inspiring others to take action. I also believe that you can't inspire people to do things that you yourself haven't done or are not willing to do; as a leader you must lead by example. That being said, I'm so excited to introduce the Hustle Award: Having Unbelievable Success Through Leading by Example! Each month I'm going to be giving away this award to one of the builders on our team who has been a great leader, educator, and supporter of their team. You can also nominate a leader in our group, whether that is your leader, a cross-line leader, or a leader on your team, through the monthly survey. The monthly winner will receive a little something from me and the monthly winners will also have additional opportunities to receive more great prizes for being an awesome leader on the Oily enJoyMint team!

This is meant to be something fun and a way to highlight and encourage all of us to be great leaders for our teams.

And now, without further ado, the very FIRST recipient of the HUSTLE Award is..........


Congratulations, Rachel! You have been a consistent builder, stepping out of your comfort zone to share the oily love with those around you. You have helped so many people begin their oily adventure and continue to grow your team steadily. I am so proud of all that you have accomplished, for all the times you pushed yourself to do something scary, and for all the times you got to celebrate because that scary thing led to awesome accomplishments! I know February is going to be a BIG month for you and I can't wait to watch you continue to grow and stretch yourself in this business!

Guess what February is....

Not only is it the month of LOVE, but it's also my 1 Year Oiliversary!

I have been a Young Living member for one year! My official Oiliversary is February 8th, but why not celebrate the Whole Month! I want February to be a month of FUN for our team, members and business builders alike, so I'm throwing caution to the wind and doing some fun giveaways this month! I'm thinking we'll make it exciting and do more than one about FIVE giveaways!!!!!

What's up for grabs as part of this Oiliversary fun?

*Dead Sea Mud Soap
*Dead Sea Bath Salts
*Bottle of R.C.
*Bottle of Orange
*Grand Prize........a bottle each of Joy, Spearmint, and Valor!

The first four prizes will be separate winners, so if you win the first prize, you can't win any of the next three, however, the Grand Prize is available to everyone regardless of if you've won a previous prize!!!!! Oh, and, the order above, doesn't necessarily mean the order they are given out :)

So, how do you win?? Easy peasy!

The following will get you 1 (ONE) entry into the drawing:
*Add a new member to your team (you must be enroller & sponsor)
*Increase your OGV from January (by ANY amount)
*Place any order
*Teach an online class
*Place an order of 190PV

The following will get you 2 (TWO) entries into the drawing:
*Place an order of 250PV

The following will get you 3 (THREE) entries into the drawing:
*Hit a new rank
*Have $1,000 or more OGV in the month
*Teach an in person class
*Place an order of 300 PV or more

The following will get you 5 (FIVE) entries into the drawing:
*Place FIRST essential rewards order in February (1)
*Sign up your FIRST member (2)

(1) This is for people who have never placed an ER order before or those who are re-starting their ER orders in the month of February.
(2) This is for members or new business builders who refer a friend that signs up under them. You must be the enroller and sponsor for the new member.

I'm so excited for this month and can't wait to see who wins these fun prizes! I'll be doing a drawing every Monday morning for the first four prizes, starting on my official Oiliversary date, February 8th! The grand prize drawing will be March 1st! The sooner you begin adding your entries to the pot, the more chances you have to win!!!!

February is notoriously a HUGE month for growth, so take advantage of the natural push and this fun incentive to make February HUGE for YOU!

A few extra promos for the month!

Let's Rock 2016!

When you hit $1,000 OGV this month, not only will you get three entries for the drawing of our weekly and grand prizes, but you'll also be working towards this fun rank up incentive from me!* I have been tracking individual OGVs since November 2015, to track when people qualify!! We have a couple people who are close to earning their bracelet!
*Available to all within my first three levels.
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Learn together, Grow together, Succeed together!